Top Benefits of Waterproofing Basements

One of the common forms of damage experienced in the home is water damage. This is because there are a number of factors like seepage, rain, burst pipes, plumbing leaks, and humidity that are capable of causing water damage if not properly checked.

The basement of a home is usually very vulnerable to damage by water and this is because it can flow through cracks in the foundation. Also, when the cooling or heating systems are faulty, it can result in a buildup of condensation or moisture which also affects the integrity of the home. One of the measures one can take to avoid situations like this is by waterproofing basements and monitoring closely to see if there are leakages.

What Does Waterproofing Basements Entail?

Basement waterproofing basically involves materials and techniques adopted to stop water from seeping into the basement of a building. When this is done by professionals, you are sure to stay in your home for a long period of time without experiencing the downsides associated with water damages.

In this article, we will discuss some important points you need to know about basement waterproofing as well as the benefits they serve homeowners. 

Benefits of Waterproofing Basements

The following are some benefits of waterproofing your basement:

Reduces Insurance Claims

Most homeowners have been reported to make insurance claims for water damage more than any other claim. Basement flooding involves cracks that occur in the foundation of the building which in turn cause damages to the drywall, wood and other materials that inflate the cost of insurance claims.

Major flooding and storms do not only account for water damages in the basement as a minor leakage can eventually lead to more significant damages if overlooked. It may cost a little to get professionals to handle the waterproofing of your basement to prevent flooding. However, the same cannot be said about the cost of insurance claims if it is not waterproofed.

Prevents Flooding

There are waterproofing steps that may be viewed as simple but they are very effective in preventing the flooding of your basement. Steps like fixing a sump pump, sealing the cracks in the building’s foundation, and fixing a drainage system to divert water can go a long way in preventing any kind of occurring in your home.

Makes Room for a Healthier Environment

High moisture levels and excess moisture can cause the appearance of mildew or mold in the home. Mold is capable of affecting the integrity of the home and most importantly it causes negative health problems like allergies, respiratory infections, and breathing issues. You should keep in mind that mold grows in hidden areas of the home and this can be really dangerous. Waterproofing the basement of your home goes a long way in preventing the growth of mold and the reduction of moisture level.

If you need tips on other ways to prevent mold growth in your home, you can check out this video.

Lower Cooling and Heating Costs

When the air in your home is humid, the HVAC unit needs to function more than required to cool or heat your home and this can increase your energy bills up to 10-15 % annually. Good waterproofing decreases the level of humidity in the home to keep the cooling and heating bills at an acceptable level.

Protection of Basement Floor

Most buildings have concrete floor basements that are not thick (2-4 inches). This slim floor is susceptible to pressure from the ground water emerging from underneath and this can make the floor to start cracking. When this occurs, the basement is exposed to more risk of serious flooding or seepage.

Protects the Sump Pump

Water seepage in the foundation of your house can lead to more structural damages by affecting edges and joints where the materials used for flooring and the walls meet. Some of the structural damages may include buckling of flooring and walls, foundation cracks that can affect the integrity of the home. 

Much of this damage occurs where one can hardly notice them and this is dangerous if not noticed early enough to prevent more severe damages. An effective effort to waterproof your home protects the edges and joints from excessive water and also prevents serious damages from affecting the building.

How to Find Basement Waterproofing Professionals 

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The following are some measures you can take to find professionals to waterproof your basement:

Use Referrals

You can ask family and friends to recommend professionals that they have previously used their services in their past. However, while this may be a viable way of finding a good expert to handle your project, you also need to subject the professional to your personal evaluation since you are the one paying. Also, the security of your home matters and since they will be accessing your home, it is important that you screen them thoroughly before you give them the nod.

Check Online

Another method you can use to find professionals to waterproof your basement is by checking online. There are several companies and individuals that handle this project and they advertise online. You can check out the ones in your location and contact them. You may need to read reviews from clients who have used their services in the past.

Additionally, be careful when reading reviews as some fraudulent companies generate fake reviews to deceive unsuspecting members of the public. If you need tips on how to identify fake reviews, you can check here:  


When you take out time to waterproof your basement, you prevent a lot of damages that would have occurred due to wrong flow of water or the appearance of mold. Your efforts may sometimes not be enough so if you experience any form of water damage in your basement, you may need to contact experts as soon as possible.

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