Top five things that home inspections might fail to detect


Walking into a good looking, clean and defect-free home is what every person wants! However, few are lucky to experience this. Some might tell you that building and pest inspections can you detect all the issues. And while that’s true, there still can be certain things that even an ace home inspector might miss out on.

And this can be long! However, here are the five essential things that thorough and systematic home inspections might miss out on. 

The last house owner used to smoke

You sure wouldn’t want loitering carcinogens in your house! Neither would you prefer smoky stench steeping out of the vents, carpets, and walls. Staged houses usually give out the smell of costly air fresheners and cleaning solutions. And that can adequately cover those foul smells. The home inspector might miss out on his/her examination round. Hence, once you know that such a thing might exist; make sure to keep an eye for the problem yourself.  And if you get a clue, share it with the home inspector.

The underlying ground is unstable

Your home inspector will keep an eye for foundation cracks and other issues that might lead to structural damage! However, they won’t examine the underlying ground. And there can be a huge issue there which you need to dig into. Perhaps, the region where the property is located is prone to floods and carries sinkholes. You might have to get in touch with a geological inspector to get these details and plan better. 

You could use some help in the roof section 

You will find inspectors walking up to the roof to make a final check! They will take a note of leaks and damages and report you about it. Also, if the house is located at a height, they might try and gauge the issues from ground level. It is an improper way to go about examining your roof. This way they would also not be investigating the roof attachments, which comprises of the de-icing devices, satellite dishes, and antennae. And there can be issues here which might lead to significant problems later. So, urge your building inspector to take a closer look at the roof during an inspection.

Your swimming pool might require a repair 

Sometimes, building inspectors charge extra for examining the swimming pool. Some inspectors take this inspection as an added duty, hence the additional cost. The inspector can flip the electric switch of the heater or pool pump to test the working condition.  However, they might not get into a detailed examination and check for cracks in the pool. Hence, if there are any leaks and other issues, it will go unnoticed. So get this part checked, it’s always a smart call to hire a professional pool inspector.  

Problems with the septic system

Building inspectors will conduct a general check on the house plumbing system and pipes. They might not take a look at the septic system. If your dream property comes with a septic tank, you need to get a specialist to check the system. If there are significant issues with the septic tank, things can aggravate later. It’s always better to address the problems before you decide to buy the property.

Once you know the areas that a building inspector will not look into, you can make other useful arrangements.