Top reasons for installing bird control spikes in your building

Bird droppings can damage the aesthetics of the roof of any structure. It has become a significant problem for many building owners. Apart from the fact that it scars the building’s appearance, it might also lead to various diseases. Bird roosting for a long time can even cause long-term damage to the materials of the roof. As such, building owners have to spend a lot of time and effort to clean up the unwanted mess created by birds. The most effective method would be to prevent the birds from coming and sitting on your roof. 

You cannot control the population of birds, but by taking necessary precautionary measures, you can deter them from sitting on your roof. As many such people have started spending on bird spikes. They do not only keep out pigeons but also other large pests away from your land. It is a very inexpensive option that prevents birds from roofing or nesting. Hence you do not have to spend hours cleaning up the dangerous mess caused by the birds.

Reasons for installing bird spikes:

  • Bird droppings can lead to mould formation, thereby harming different facades of your roof
  • Bird dropping can clog gutters and lead to other subsequent damage
  • The visual impact of any building can be affected by bird droppings
  • Birds also are known for harbouring parasites and other diseases
  • A dangerous threat to human beings is bird fleas and bird mites
  • Bird droppings cause various lung infections

Varieties of bird spikes

Bird spikes come in several types. You can choose the option depending on the kind of pest that you are targeting. You can either go for stainless steel or for plastic bird spikes. Proper installation of spikes would leave no gaps for nesting of the birds. Carry out the installation properly; any empty spot might make the bird spike ineffective.

However, bird spikes are not for killing or harming the bird that lands on them. The main aim is to scare them away. It just tries to inform the birds that it would not be possible to nest on this roof, thereby diverting their location.

Thus bird spikes have become a very convenient and inexpensive option to keep the annoying pests away. Spikes are more favourable as compared to chemical treatments. It might harm the birds. Chemicals might affect the bird’s ability to fly. Hence spikes have become a more human option for making your building bird-free. You can consult specialists from companies like Bird Spikes Australia to help you choose appropriate spikes for your property.

How to deal with large birds

Instead of pigeons, if you are annoyed by large birds such as vultures and Seagulls, you can go for mega spikes. Many companies are selling Premium quality mega spikes preventing the birds from roosting. As these mega spikes come with the extra height, they can sufficiently deter the bigger fowl from roosting. You can even use gutter bird spikes to prevent gutters from being clogged from bird droppings.