Top Reasons Why Steel Frame Homes Are Likely To Be The Stars Of The Future

Home building has come a long way since the days humans lived in caves. Today, there is a choice of materials that can be used to create your perfect home. Although wood has traditionally been the preferred option, there is a growing interest in steel frame homes and other types of environmentally friendly substances.

The Advantages of Steel Framing

Steel framed buildings are not new. Steel has been used extensively in commercial construction for years. The same qualities that make steel so good in commercial buildings can be said about steel framed houses.

There are a number of benefits:

  • Strength

Steel is strong. It can be made in long strips, allowing it to bridge large gaps in your home and create big open spaces. In this sense, steel is much stronger than the traditional wood framed house. 

This is of particular interest in any region that suffers from earthquakes, floods, and even landslides. A steel framed property can be designed to withstand these issues, saving you time, money, and hassle. 

  • Accuracy

One of the biggest advantages of steel is that each piece of the frame is made in the factory and shipped to the site. Once at the site the building process involves bolting the various structural beams together. The beauty of this approach is that every piece of steel is made to the same standard. 

The production process can be controlled and monitored at the factory, ensuring every beam is of the same strength and the right shape.

  • Weatherproof

Steel is prone to corrosion but the steel used in steel frame houses is coated. This prevents it from being exposed to the air and water and eliminates the likelihood of corrosion.

In effect, the steel can last for years and all you have to do is visually inspect it periodically. This will ensure there is no damage. It’s worth noting that damaged steel framing can be repaired to maintain its strength and integrity.

  • Low Environmental Impact

Steel frames are created by melting the metal at a very high temperature and pouring it into the mold. This does require a heat source and this will have some negative effects on the environment. However, the metal used is fully recycled, there is no use of natural resources.

In short, metal framed houses are surprisingly environmentally friendly. 

  • Pest proof

It’s also worth noting that a timber framed home can be targeted by termites and rodents, eating chunks of the wood and weakening the structure. This isn’t an issue for a steel framed house, rodents and termites can’t damage it.

In fact, there is very little that can damage steel framed homes. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that steel is an effective and environmentally friendly building material. It’s cheaper, stronger, and can be used to make more open or intricate spaces. It’s highly likely that this will become the preferred option for houses in the future.

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