Top Spot Treatment Clarifying Remedy Products : Worth It?

Ok, so my usual skin routine budget is on the small side, so I tend to spend money where I think it matters and buy economy brands in the areas that I think don’t matter quite so much. For years, I thought my spot treatment clarifying remedy fell into the second category – that is until I tried a better brand. 

Now, I’m not someone who suffers with breakouts that often, as I’m now in my mid-thirties. However, in the weeks leading up to this change in approach, I had gotten quite a few pimples around my chin. The main reason for this happening is having to wear a mask at work – as everyone seems to have to do these days.

It became worse and worse, so I ended up doing the thing that my Mom had always told me not to – pop them! Like a dummy, I popped those pimples and I ended up with bad scarring around the area and I had no idea how to rectify the problem. 

Investing a Little More Made All The Difference

So, after getting a recommendation from a friend with similar mask-related pimple issues, I decided to dispense with the economy and buy a higher quality spot treatment clarifying remedy to turn the tide.

I was already prepared for the fact that I wouldn’t get immediate results, so when I started noticing a difference after just a week of daily use, I can tell you that I was impressed. 

I must admit that It did feel a little different on my skin, which I just put down to it being a different brand, but the results I found were nothing like what I’d previously had.

I’m Now Confident Again

I know that we’re just talking about a spot treatment clarifying remedy product here, but the effect the one I bought has had on my life is nothing short of miraculous. In helping me get back my smooth, blemish-free skin, I’m more confident now than I have been in a long time.

During the lockdowns, I’d lost all my mojo and every time I looked in the mirror, the feelings I got were not too positive. However, having spent just $30 more than usually did, I can honestly say that I wish someone had told me to do so sooner.

I know from talking to people that I’m not nearly the only person suffering with these mask-related skin issues, so I’m here to tell everyone that they should invest in their skin and pay a little more for the things that matter, which I now know includes spot treatment clarifying remedy cream. 

My Advice : Buy Some & Buy Some Soon!

In the title of my blog, I ask the question –  are the best spot treatment clarifying products worth the money? The answer to that is a very, very emphatic YES!

What price do you put on feeling confident in your own skin? It’s more than $30 for me and no mistake! I still use the same system for choosing my skin care products, as I’ve still got the same kind of budget to work with, but I now realise that you need a good basis from which to work – which requires you to have your breakouts under control.

Now that my pimples are history, it makes the rest of my routine work much better and I know there’s others out there going through the same as me, so my advice to those with uncontrollable breakouts is to buy quality, as it’s when I decided to do just that, that it all changed for me.

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