Two Best Options to Repair Sunken Concrete

Are you facing sunken concrete issues in your home? It would be best if you fixed it right away. If you don’t, then you might face trip and slip hazards across your driveway or in the garage. Facing this problem means paying tons of money for clearing the medical bill of a person who encountered an injury at your place. You should seek professional help asap, so you won’t have to face any problem in the long run.

Repair Vs. Replacement

When you have a sunken floor and replace it all then it’s a very time-consuming and costly procedure. You will have to leave your place and move to another area for this sort of replacement. It means paying for too many expenses such as contractor cost, a fee of hiring labor, rental expenses, and many others.

Repairing your concrete, on the other hand, is a very cost-effective procedure. If you hire the expert, then they will do this concrete lifting task with minimal disruption. You can boost the value of your home through such repairs.

How to Fix Sunken Concrete?

Here are two standard solutions that you can go after.

Mud Jacking 

It is a traditional method of concrete lifting that has been used for decades. You may know all about this procedure with its other names like slab jacking or pressure grouting. In this method. 1to 1.5 inches diameter holes are drilled in the concrete slab. These holes are strategically spaced to maximize the lift of concrete. 

Repair contractors will use finely crushed limestone with slurry and water to create a mixture that will be forced into holes. They will first fill the voids in the holes with this combination. If there is any water erosion or soil compaction, then these voids will fill them all. In the next step, repair experts will smooth the area after a blowout and lift of concrete. The whole process will take some time, as more than a week. It would help if you kept patience as the cure will take place in some time. 

Polyurethane foam injection 

Another method commonly used in Pittsburg concrete lifting services is this one. Experts use s a closed-cell polymer foam as this foam is high density. It expands and fills the gap while adding strength underneath the surface to lift concrete slabs.

Two-part of foam is injected into the drilled holes. This foam has a closed-cell structure and gas pockets. As they are sealed effectively, water won’t soak up in the foam. Thereby this injection is quite effective to deal with areas where water erosion happens.

As the foam doesn’t retain moisture, thereby you won’t experience soil erosion or water damage in the future. If you want a more permanent solution for a sunken floor, go with poly jacking. It might cost you more, but you find a durable fix.

Another benefit of this method is that the foam cure is quick; you won’t have to wait a lot. You can start using the floor from the next day.

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