What You Should Know About Weighted Blankets before Stepping Out to Buy One to Ease Anxiety and Insomnia

As the name suggests, a weighted blanket is a blanket that has been made heavy by adding small objects like pellets, beads, or discs of polypropylene so that the blanket hugs the body of the sleeper more and reduces the tendency of the sleeper to toss and turn. Consequently, the sleeper feels more comfortable and secure and is able to get a better quality of sleep and for a longer time. Therefore, if you are one of the countless people who experience trouble in getting restful sleep and want to try out a weighted blanket, here are some selection tips:

Don’t Get Hung Up on Brands 

Although numerous brands trying in to cash on to the sudden popularity of weighted blankets, there are no clear leaders and must-have products. As long as you know what to expect from a weighted blanket Australia, you can buy from any of the manufacturers. Good quality weighted blankets are nowadays available at all the places you can buy regular blankets from; bedding shops, mass merchandisers, departmental stores, and online shopping sites. Some of the companies will also manufacture a customized product for you if you need to accommodate some special requirements.

Blanket Weight Is a Major Consideration

Typically, weighted blankets range from five to thirty pounds with increments of five pounds. According to sleep experts’ guidance published in https://www.forbes.com, you should try to buy a blanket that is about 10% of your body weight though there are many sleepers who prefer it to be lighter or heavier according to personal preference. It is important to remember not to use weighted blankets for young children up to the age of three even if they do not sleep well because of the danger of suffocation. If you still want a weighted blanket for your young one then it is better to choose one that is less than 10% of the child’s body weight as a matter of abundant precaution.

Costly Purchase

Weighted blankets, irrespective of the brand, will be costly. The typical price range of a weighted blanket is from $70 to $300. The larger the blanket size, the heavier the weight and plusher the materials, the higher will be the price. If you are prepared to spend a lot, at least you should make sure that it is machine washable so that you can use it for longer. Use a cover to protect it from getting dirty.

You May Feel Hot

If you have a tendency to sleep warm because of natural reasons or due to the construction of the mattress, you may have a problem using a weighted blanket as you are likely to feel warmer. If the temperature is a matter of concern, you should look for a cover made of natural fiber or one that has sweat wicking properties.


Since it is impossible to test out a weighted blanket for long enough at a store, you should ensure that you get a reasonable exchange or return policy. Try to get an extended trial period so that you can make up your mind whether it was a good buy or not.

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