4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Simply Unforgettable

It is the most important day of your life, so you will obviously want it to be the most memorable too. Want to take your wedding to the next level both for you and your partner as well as your guests? Here are four ways to make your wedding simply unforgettable from start to finish. 

Create a signature wedding cocktail 

Work with your other half and your chosen wedding bartending service to create a signature wedding cocktail that is the perfect mix of your personalities. Alternatively, the cocktail can emulate your love for one another. Either way, make sure that it tastes incredible and be sure to give it a creative name. You can then serve it as a welcome drink when guests arrive on the special day. If they enjoy it, they can order it at the bar for the rest of the celebration. It’s a fun and easy way in which to add a personal touch to your wedding right from the get-go. 

Add some quirky flair 

You don’t need to stick to tradition if you don’t want to. By adding some quirky flair here and there, your wedding is bound to stand out from the rest. A simple way to do this is by tweaking your bridal look. Throw out those classic white heels and trade them for burgundy, velvet Mary Janes with jewelry to match. The pop of color is 100% certain to look great in photos and will instantly stick inside people’s minds. This is also an excellent way to showcase your chosen wedding colors all the more. Don’t forget to coordinate with your husband to be and the rest of your bridal party. 

Alternatively, go the whole hog and opt for a non-traditional colored wedding dress.

Get creative with the food 

The wedding catering is another opportunity to steer clear of the expected. For example, instead of a three-course sit down meal, why not offer serve-yourself stations where guests can make their own food? A few clever ideas include a build your own pizza station (with plenty of sweet and savory topping options), and a build your own ice-cream sundae station. This approach to catering is especially certain to be a hit if there will be children in attendance.

Think carefully about the venue 

The wedding venue that you opt for can be the cherry on top of it all. Why settle for a traditional garden wedding venue or a church when you can get married underwater or right at the very top of a mountain? One place to check out is Vines of the Yarra Valley. Other amazing options include saying ‘I do’ on the ample sand dunes of Namibia or in the bushveld while on safari in South Africa. What a great way to combine your wedding with your honeymoon! Not only will the venue be memorable in itself, but you can be sure that it will provide you with the most stunning wedding photos too. 

May your special day be everything that you have ever dreamt of and more.

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