6 Real Reasons Why People Love to Vape

The society we live in is making it harder to enjoy other forms of nicotine delivery systems. This is not surprising as some of the properties of these substances make them unfriendly to a non-smoker, which warrants red-eye from the community. 


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As a result, many people are looking for alternatives to satisfy their nicotine cravings, and vaping seems to be a worthy choice. While the mode of operation is different from other forms of nicotine delivery, it achieves the same goal many people realize from using these substances. 

This explains why many people consider vape as a good choice. This article will explore reasons vaping has become the new cool:

  1. A Form of Hobby

At the introduction of vaping, electronic cigarettes were limited, and there were not many options in terms of vape devices. As innovation improved, there were varieties, and people had a series of choices for vape juice, coils, and tanks. 

Vaping gives handy and tech-savvy people the option to create and invent since some vaporizers can be assembled and dismantled. As a result, vaping served as a new hobby for technologically inclined people. People could also experiment with vape juice and use different ingredient combinations to create the perfect e-liquid.

  1. Instant Relaxation with Vaping

Stress seems unavoidable in our daily world as stressors exist all around us. People turn to various habits to beat stress but using an effective habit can improve your productivity. 

While some people go for a walk, others love to spend time in nature or with an animal, some practice yoga. Taking a puff is also one of the effective means to beat stress. 

When an activity seems overwhelming, you can easily take a step back, vape, and calm your nerves. Even if it is impossible to step out, vape flavors connection can do the job for you. Also, the process of breathing in and out when you vape mimics meditation which calms the nerves. 

  1. A Good Alternative to Other Nicotine Delivery System

Many people have desired to quit other forms of nicotine delivery for one reason or the other. This led to a series of inventions like gums and patches, which really couldn’t achieve the desired goal. Vaping, however, allowed people to replicate what they get from other nicotine delivery systems without the associated side effects successfully. It provided the following:

  • Hand to Mouth Action: this ingrained action is part of what completes the act of smoking
  • Throat Hit: the punch a smoker gets at the back of the head is also possible with vaping
  • Exhale Reward: Smokers always look forward to releasing smoke, which the clouds vape device gives.

All these are present in vaping, making it an excellent alternative to breaking the habit. 


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  1. No Obnoxious Odor with Vaping

Some forms of nicotine delivery systems are notorious for their obnoxious odor. This device releases scent and particles that attach to things around like clothes, books, the human body, etc. As a result, this obnoxious smell follows people around, which is offensive. The reason for the smell is the combustion of tar and other chemicals in tobacco. 

This is one of the anomalies vaping corrected. When you vape, you don’t release smoke but rather exhale vapor that does not irritate people around you. The vapor exhaled from a vape device comes in various unique flavors, which smells pretty much better compared to burning tobacco. 

  1. Vaping is Environmentally Friendly

Recently, many countries have been victims of natural disasters like floods and wildfires. This can be traced to unkind human activities over the years. As a result, it is in the best interest of humans to switch to a pretty eco-friendly lifestyle choice. 

In terms of environmental friendliness, vaping fits the bill because it supports the green revolution. There is no combustion with vaping, so it does not release smoke. Instead, it releases a vapor that does not pollute the environment. In addition, you don’t have to dispose of many vape accessories after use since they are reusable. 

The presence of a rechargeable battery also makes vaping sustainable and a pretty environmentally friendly option. It doesn’t produce dangerous residue, reducing the possibility of starting a fire. This makes it a welcomed choice among many. 

  1. Vaping is Cheaper

Many forms of nicotine delivery, like cigarettes, are costly. Over the years, the world has seen a gradual increase in the price of cigarettes. Yet, a chronic smoker might exhaust a pack of cigarettes in a couple of days, costing an arm.

In a bid to discourage smoking, the government adds “sin tax” to the price. In addition, other factors like the rise in production cost, inflation, and distribution cost add to the final price. This price rise will likely continue. The cost of other accessories like lighter and ashtray also adds up. 

Vaping seems like a better and cost-effective alternative because it is cheaper in the long run. Even though the initial investment cost of the vape device might be high, you only have to deal with vape juice as a recurring expense, which is way lower than what you have in other nicotine delivery devices. 


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Vaping is taking the world by storm as it stands out as one of the top forms of nicotine delivery. It is a healthy habit with a series of advantages that makes it stand out from other forms. This article has explored six reasons why people love vaping. 

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