6 Tips: How to Start a Conversation with Your Crush 

It is normal to have a crush. Every one of us has experienced that. However, what is hard about having a crush is when you don’t know how to start a conversation. Of course, talking to your crush is different from talking to someone that you don’t have feelings for. 

You will feel awkward and shy. Sometimes, you start to stutter because you’re the whole body is shaking when you try to talk. However, you need to save a lot of confidence in you so that you’ll come out with meaningful conversations that your crush must remember after.



Don’t think about it too much! You can get away from shame and awkwardness if you learn the six tips we’ve compiled below! Save yourself from that sweaty feeling when talking to your crush, and you will surely get the excellent result that you always wanted by following the questions you can start to ask your crush today. Check them out below!

1. Ask about your common interests.

It is a big advantage if you and crush share the same interests, whether it has something to do with school or your hobbies. Of course, it will be easy for you to open up about a topic that you know a lot of information. For example, if he loves to play video games, you can ask for an update about his level on the game and his favorite heroes to use. This will make the conversation more engaging because you are asking him a question about something that he loves to do best. Surely, he will ask you if you are also into it, so it’s your time to utilize that to keep the conversation going. 

You don’t have to tell him that you are also into the same hobby because he might think that you’re bragging about it. Make sure to wait for him to ask questions before you overshare. If you’re not that closes, please don’t make it too obvious that you know everything about his whereabouts. It will be weird for him if he feels like you’re a stalker who is just trying to be friends with him. Ask to follow up questions but not too many. Let him answer the first one the proceed to the next. It will also help if you introduce yourself as someone who has attended the activities that he has attended. Use those activities as proof that you are interested in his hobby too.

2. Ask a favor.

Asking a favor is also one of the effective tips to start a conversation with your crush. Make sure that you’re kind enough to greet him, so you should also learn the different ways to say good morning and pick one that you think suits best as a greeting. Your crush must be kind enough to do your favor. Just don’t ask a favor that is too hard for him to do if you don’t want him to drop the whole conversation. For example, you can ask him simple questions like, “Have you seen Mrs. Reyes?” or “Can I borrow your Math book?”. If he asks you what it is for, the better. Again, always remember that favor must be something that he can do easily for you.

3. Compliment him.

Well, complimenting someone is easy, and it starts a good conversation. Compliments can flatter the person you are talking too, which makes the conversation engaging. And because you’re doing it to your crush, it might be hard for you to compliment him without him thinking that you are flirting with him. You don’t have to be afraid. You have to be sincere. For example, if he does something exceptional, send your congratulations with cute words for him that will make him more flattered. If he responds to your compliment, you might want to add another statement or question that relates to the topic that you’re complimenting to him.



4. Ask his opinion about a certain topic.

There are a lot of happenings around, and you can use any of it to start a conversation with your crush. For example, if there’s news about the banning of cellphones in the classroom, you can ask him about his opinion about it. In that way, he will have to explain his side and might ask you about your opinion too. So, make sure to back up yourself with the following questions that are related to the topic.

Furthermore, in order for your conversation to not be boring, make it more fun and engaging. It doesn’t have to be as controversial as politics and religion, as long as he can talk about his stand, the conversation will get going. Although the topic is simple, he might mention something that you can ask about, which leads you to a new topic that you both can talk about. 

5. Ask more related questions to keep the conversation going.

Talking to your crush is like studying a school report. You must know the topic very well so that you can ask related questions to keep the conversation going. For example, if you like to tell him that you love to draw, you can still ask him first about his favorite anime character. It is a bonus if you have already sketch that anime character so that you can show it to him right away. In this way, he will stay interested in what you’re talking about because you also have a sketch with you.

Once the conversation has started, it will be easy for you to share other things that you love doing. You have to start it with questions that will lead to the topic that you want to introduce to him. You don’t have to directly tell him that you’re into drawing most, especially if he’s not asking about it. Learn the beauty of gradually introducing the topic with a series of questions.

6. Start by making funny jokes.

Everybody wants to have a good laugh. So if you have a sense of humor hiding within you, it’s time to unleash that. Start the conversation with your crush with a joke. Make it creative enough that even a smart person can laugh about it. It is good to joke around things when the whole squad is serious. It will recreate the mood around and even the mood of your crush.



Use it as an ice breaker. Observe the whole situation and use the things you noticed around you. Bear in mind to not joke around things that might offend him and the people around. For example, if you get a very low score in your exam, you can start a joke by kiddingly ask about an available home to stay after your exam. Surely, that will create a good laugh on his side, and you can ask about his score too. If he says he got a low score too then, you can tell him to go with you and find a new home. Or if he got a high score, you can kid around asking him to tutor you. 


Make sure to bear in mind the tips we have mentioned above for you to have a good conversation with your crush that will not end with just a yes-no answer. Remember that these are just the starter packs for you to talk to your crush. If you improvise and talk about endless things, you won’t have any problem at all.

Scott Zhou is the owner of Ponwell.com. He is an entrepreneur by spirit. Scott likes to share his insights on an array of topics related to realtionship, self-improvement, lifestyle and motivation. His recent collection of powerful quotes will showcase the importance of relationship to achieve the goals of living in harmony