A Voice in the Storm: It’s a Process

Tracey Morgan A Voice in the Storm
Tracey Morgan- Founder of A Voice in the Storm- reaching out to those who struggle with life’s challenges through www.avoiceinthestorm.org.

By Tracey Morgan

What are you struggling with right now?  A death, a loss of a job, a medical condition, a child moving away, a divorce, a friend turning their back on you, fights with family members, a parent being cruel, a child being cruel, a husband/wife being cruel?  What is it in your life right now is breaking your heart?

When people hurt, they want to forget about the pain and just be happy.  Really, who wants to go through all the steps needed to get to the other side of a struggle?  Yet, if you don’t, you run the risk of getting stuck in the midst of that pain.  People want to get to the good stuff.  Yet, getting to the good stuff requires healing and that is a process.

Think of when you move an office or a house.  Wouldn’t it be great to start on day one and be finished on day two, with everything in its place?  Even if you have a moving company, you still have to do some work.  The personal stuff has to be gathered, boxed up, stacked, and physically moved where you then get to unload everything and find a new home for all the stuff.  Even though you may have help, you still need to do some work.  You have to go step by step to get finally reach the goal.  For some it takes a short period of time while for others it takes longer.  It depends on how much personal ‘stuff’ there is to deal with.

Much like in a move, there is a bit of upheaval in the beginning, chaos during the move, a ‘set-up’ period in the new environment, and then a calm when all is finished.   It is similar getting past hurts and healing from emotional wounds.  We start to prepare for a new future, feel a bit of chaos in the transition, and then find some kind of peace.

Will people be skipping around singing songs when they get past their pain?  Maybe, maybe not.  Some people are quieter than others and everyone responds to joy in a different way.  Yet, there is a place that you can get to that is a lot calmer than where you are now.

The rough thing is that many people get stuck somewhere in the process by ignoring issues, talking themselves out of the fact that they have something to face or they think they can handle things all on their own.  People isolate themselves.  They hide.  These are all things that continue to build a wall around our hearts preventing that peace to come through.

What’s involved in the recovery process?   Admitting there is a hurt, admitting the need for help, getting help, opening up to someone safe, taking steps to heal, letting go of the pain, and making choices for growth.

Are you stuck in the ‘moving’ process?  Maybe you are stuck in the preparation stage, in the upheaval of the move, or just trying to find a place for all the ‘stuff’ in the new place?  Although the prospect of being taken out of your comfort zone to heal may be unsettling, the healing process will work if you work it.

It is never too late to begin.  With help, you can pack those boxes and make that transition.   You CAN make the move.  You just need to be willing to start.

Tracey Morgan, President/Founder of the non-profit A Voice in the Storm, a broadcast/podcast helping people with life’s struggles, is  host/producer of St. Luke’s ‘God With Us’ broadcast on WORD FM and employed by Butler Radio Network.  Awards – 3 A.I.R. Awards (CBS Radio-Pittsburgh), National 2012 Gabriel Award (God With Us).