Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Cut Your Carbon Footprint

We live in an epoch defined by a growing dedication to cut carbon emissions and respect the environment. Climate change may seem like an extremely large problem that’s impossible to tackle, but there are many small things you can do that will minimize your carbon footprint dramatically. All you need to do is make a few discretionary changes to your lifestyle and your home, and you will be living an eco-friendly existence very soon. Here are five things you can do right now to cut your carbon footprint.

1. Fit Solar Panels

Investing in renewable energy will reduce your need for energy created from fossil fuels. Burning oil, gas and coal is extremely harmful to our planet’s atmosphere, whereas renewable energy is a safe and sustainable energy source that will help to heat our homes without damaging the planet. The easiest and least evasive method to generate your own energy is to fit a solar panel on to the roof of your home – creating a source of energy to liberate you from fossil fuels – and one you may even be able to sell back to the energy network in the form of excess energy.

2. Nurture Your Green Spaces

Green spaces are being increasingly minimized as home-owners and companies extend properties and build new homes on them. This has negative effects on the local and global environment, like increasing the risk of flooding and reducing the number of plants – which are able to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. If you live in an urban area where space is at a premium, it could be worthwhile creating a rooftop garden to encourage plants to grow. This is also an excellent place to grow your own fruit and vegetables – or to provide a space for bees, who are important in pollinating your local plants. 

3. Consider Buying a Baler

If you are looking to improve your recycling habits, a baler is your best option. You can purchase an affordable baler to suit your needs from A baler is a machine that will compact your recyclable waste into small bales. Here are a few examples of the type of waste you can process with a baler: 

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Cans

Balers are an essential item for any company warehouse or office dedicated to recycling efficiently. You can then put out small ‘bales’ of recyclable matter for recycling companies to collect from your premises.

4. Cycle and Walk More Often

One of the best ways you can reduce your impact on the environment is to reduce the amount of time you spend driving a fossil fuel burning car. If you think about it, so many of our journeys in cars could be undertaken on foot or a bicycle. Staying active benefits our lives in many ways, from living longer to having a positive impact on our wellbeing – and you should build this into your life’s transportation habits to reduce your carbon footprint. 

5. Reduce Your Meat Consumption

Eating less meat is beneficial for the environment and, for such a small change, you will be reducing your carbon footprint dramatically. This does not mean that you must eradicate eating meat entirely, but by being conscious of your choices and aiming to avoid meat in as many situations as possible, you will be helping the planet achieve carbon neutrality. 

Cutting your carbon footprint is extremely easy: once you start taking proactive steps, it will become habitual for you and your family. 

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