For Meditation Online, Go With Glo


Meditation for everyday life

Meditation is a highly powerful tool to affect our emotions, how we experience the world, other people, and our own hardships. With as busy as we all are, we often don’t have the time to sit down and meditate at home even though this constant on-the-go stress means we need meditation all the more. One solution is the library of accessible, downloadable guided meditation that Glo offers.

Why use an online meditation service?

You can buy books on meditation or get an mp3 to guide you but ultimately the best way to learn is from a connection with someone who knows what they’re doing. Guided meditation online is incredibly powerful at directing you to exactly where you need to be, how to breathe, and how to focus – or relax – your mind. Naturally as we gravitate towards an online collective consciousness, meditative tools would also.

The benefits of meditation are vast and can be reliably measured but also profoundly felt on a personal level. They include but are not limited to:

  • Meditation increases mindfulness, helping you feel more connected and present moment-to-moment.
  • When you’re more aware of yourself and the moment, you’ll subsequently feel more connected to those around you, their problems, and their joys.
  • Improves sleep by lowering ambient stress.
  • Increases your attention span.
  • Meditation reduces stress in general, which can improve weight loss efforts, mental clarity, and overall happiness among other things.
  • Can add more productive hours to your day by making it easier to cut through distraction and wasted thoughts and effort.
  • Studies indicate that some aspect of meditation actually increases your immune response and helps fight disease.

Being able to access guided meditation online is a powerful tool to helping enrich your internal life, from mental clarity to emotional calm. Glo is an incredible producer of quality guided meditation online, as well as guided yoga and Pilates.

What is Glo?

Founded with a goal of helping all people attain their full potential, Glo is a website designed to make accessing quality guided exercises easy and enjoyable. Indeed, their mission statement is centered on creating powerful, accessible tools that break down barriers to mental and physical well-being. These tools include a wide variety of lessons and teachers to condition your mind and body.

You can access the trainings on any Apple device for on-the-go meditation when you need it most. You can also practice in the comfort of your own home by downloading the Glo app on your Apple TV.

Courses and instructors

Glo has thousands of classes taught by nearly 50 different instructors with a world of different life experiences, approaches, and techniques. The offer meditation classes for a wide range of topics:

  • Mindfulness
  • Dealing with pain
  • Productivity
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Breaking bad habits
  • General wellbeing

With a membership you also have unlimited downloading and watching of not just guided meditation online but also a plethora of Pilates and yoga classes. These classes encompass everything from absolute beginner lessons to yoga for strength and conditioning. There are even classes for pre-and-post natal mothers to help with pain and flexibility during pregnancy and regaining your strength and flexibility afterwards.

Is Glo worth it?

With a 15-day free trial to see if Glo is right for you and just $18/month recurring after that, Glo is cheaper than almost any in-person meditation or yoga platform. You can learn at your own pace and with the free trial, there’s no risk. Give Glo a go and see what you can accomplish in your own life by adding meditation to your daily routine.