Fun Photo Booth Ideas For Kid’s Birthday Party

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A photo booth is the finest way to welcome your visitors and make them comfortable to pose in front of the camera. A long time ago, when you want a photo booth for your kid’s birthday party, you had to pay a rent to the professionals. As the time passed, creative people figured out that we don’t need a real booth to have a photobooth, hence the idea of making props, backdrops and decorated photo-ops started prevailing across the society. 

If you want to make your kid’s birthday party special, have a look at these creative photo booth ideas.

Minecraft Balloon Wall

The ideal backdrop for a birthday party is Minecraft Balloon Wall. Size of balloons should be kept constant, pump the air in the balloons and stick them on the wall. The steps are quite simple and in order to consume less time, a group of people should work together. Balloons can also be stuck in the form of alphabets and numbers. 

Paper Fan Backdrop

You can use Paper fan backdrop to celebrate your kid’s birthday party. The ingredients required for the photo booth are:

  1. Packing tape
  2. Glue gum
  3. Colored copy paper
  4. Foam core poster boards
  5. Straight pins

So, make paper fan of different colors and join them to foam core poster boards. You can arrange the fans as you like.

Portable Photo Booth Backdrop

A tri fold board is turned into a simple photo booth backdrop using color paper and streamers. You can take these backdrops any where you like if the party is arranged away from the home.

Fashionable photo booth

If your kid is a girl, then you can use this type of photo booth for the celebration her birthday. This photo booth consists of feathery boas, sparkly jewels, glittery curtain backdrop and other accessories. It is a fashionable stuff.

Floral Wall

If you are looking forward to impress your guests, then they should try this beautiful backdrop. You can create this back drop with tissue paper. Just to let you know, it will take a lot of time but it will certainly add freshness to your event.

Paper Plates

If you want beautiful images with different sort of colors, then you should try this photo booth. Take a pack of paper plates of separate colors and use a tape to attach them to the wall. Take a chance and try it.

Circle Backdrop

This one is awesome; you should try it as it consumes less time. Take a color paper and cut the long stripes, apply glue to the ends together. Get paper loops and join them with a thread. If you want to try a better range of colors, select the perfecting shades. 

Faux Grass

If you want to get a flat backdrop with different colors for birthday pictures, you can use artificial or paper grass. Faux grass is delightful for a birthday celebration.

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