How to Calm Your Anxious Dog with CBD

Dogs provide humans with unconditional love and warmth. They offer you a sense of security and never leave your side even if the rest of the world does. However, you might not know that your dog can also suffer from bouts of anxiety. 

Dogs are sensitive animals, and they are much attuned to what is happening around them. They can pick up stress signals far better than humans, and it can trigger their anxiety. If it continues for long, then it can damage their nervous system, or they could end up harming themselves in some other way. Dog CBD has been known to help treat anxiety. 

Causes of Anxiety

Dogs mostly suffer from anxiety due to situational circumstances or due to behavioral reasons. The former would include sudden changes in the environment, like a thunderstorm of firecrackers going off. Or, they could be bothered by a stranger, or they might fear traveling. These issues mostly resolve themselves as soon as the occurrences stop. However, if the dog is suffering from separation anxiety, it might take longer to resolve and need more convincing. 

Symptoms of Anxiety

If the dog is anxious, then you will notice it is pacing and panting. You will see its whimpering, and it might also tremble. Dogs will urinate or defecate on the floor, even though they have been trained not to. They might also become aggressive and will refuse to eat. Dog CBD can provide relief from more or less of all these symptoms. 

CBD for Anxiety

CBD derived from hemp is safe for your dog. CBD can’t be confused with marijuana, even though they have the same source. The biggest difference is that CBD does not induce the feeling of being high. 

This is because CBD is primarily devoid of THC, the primary ingredient that results in this effect. Hemp-derived CBD used for treatments in the open market should have less than 0.3% THC. CBD results in a calming effect as it soothes the nerves without the sensation of feeling high. 

What CBD does is that it helps the body to release the natural endocannabinoid chemicals which connect with the receptors in the brain and stimulates the body to produce serotonin, the body’s mood stabilizer. Your dog feels calm and relaxed without the need to administer any strong drugs. 

How to Give CBD to Dogs?

The best way to administer dog CBD is to opt for full-spectrum CBD. They have terpenes and other trace compounds, which provide a more holistic solution to your dog’s problems. It can also be instrumental in taking care of issues like joint pain. You can administer the CBD oil with a dog treat, or you might apply it on the inside of the dog’s ears so that it is absorbed through the skin. 

You should give 1 to 5 mg per 10 pounds of the dog’s body weight. It is best to administer a dose in the medium range and see how long it takes for the CBD to have its effect. If you do not notice any difference, you can increase the dose slowly as CBD is not toxic for your dog. 

If your dog is on any other treatment or medication, you can consult the vet to know more about the dosage of dog CBD. Overall, you will notice a difference in its mood shortly enough.