How To Create An Outstanding Employee Wellness Newsletter

Even marketing experts say that newsletters suck. That’s because many newsletter writers don’t have a clue what they’re doing. But, you don’t have to follow this lead.

If you learn about how to grip your audience with an outstanding wellness newsletter, you can create a loyal following of employees.

You already have your audience of other employees established. Half the battle is getting people to subscribe.

Now it’s time to get them engaged with amazing content told in a compelling manner. Persuade your audience to open up that newsletter email.

Ready to find out more? Check out our tips on how to create an outstanding employee wellness newsletter below. Let’s get started!

1. Establish What You Want to Achieve

Ask yourself the question – what are you trying to achieve with your wellness newsletter?

You shouldn’t do anything until you have answered this important question. If you can’t answer this – why should your reader bother to engage?

Do you want to improve the mental and physical health of your audience? That’s what most wellness newsletters want to do.

Make sure you always keep your eye on this prize. Don’t forget that you’re focused on raising the wellness of everyone in the workplace, not just a few people.

You may also want to set specific goals for each newsletter. For example, in this month’s newsletter, your goal is to get people eating more fruit and healthy snacks.

2. Use Eye-Catching Headlines 

How often do you ignore an email when it arrives in your inbox? Sadly, this could be the fate of your newsletter as well. 

Approximately 65 percent of emails are left ignored by employees in small and medium-sized companies.

How can you make sure that your wellness newsletter isn’t just another ignored email? All of that work is for nothing if nobody reads it!

You need to convince people to open your newsletter email. This can be achieved in multiple ways. 

Maybe eye-catching headlines could make a difference. Up to 82 percent of marketers agree that a personalized subject line increases open rates. 

Maybe if you promote your newsletter on social media and posters around the workplace. This can help prepare people for the upcoming email. 

3. Send Regular, But Not Constant Emails

Where’s the balance? You need to determine how frequently your audience wants to receive your wellness newsletter.

If you don’t send the newsletter regularly enough, people will quickly forget about you. Imagine if you could create the habit of people reading your newsletter every Tuesday morning.

Pick a specific day that you send your newsletter. Depending on your company and goals, this could be either monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. 

However, if you send your newsletter email every few days, this could overwhelm your audience. You could risk them getting annoyed and tuning out completely!

4. Always Include Some Actual News

Many wellness newsletters miss one key feature. That’s “news” in the newsletter. Of course, this is the most important part of the newsletter.

If there isn’t any news, you’ll leave your audience confused and annoyed. That’s why you need to keep on top of recent events in the wellness industry, health data, and your company’s news as well. 

Can you report on a recent achievement of your newsletter? Has anybody recently launched a yoga class?

There could even be relevant news beyond your organization. Is there a local event happening that your audience may be interested to hear about?

Make sure you feature your news at the top of the newsletter. This is what people want to read about when they open up the email. 

5. Really Know Your Audience 

Do you know Mark from IT support? Are you familiar with Rachel in HR?

The newsletter needs to be produced by other employees. If you don’t work for the company as an employee, how can you make sure you stay relevant to your audience?

The wellness newsletter should be by and for employees at the company. You could even feature articles about employees who achieved a wellness goal, for instance.

This can help to keep the interest and engagement of your audience. People like to read about themselves rather than total strangers.  

6. Engage People With Your Content

You cannot avoid the need to produce excellent engaging content for your audience. Don’t simply list boring health stats.

You need to create something amazing. Inspire people to improve their health with passionate stories of other people.

Provide your audience with tips on how to meditate. Remind people to get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet with humor. 

If you’re not sure how to structure your wellness newsletter, check out these newsletter templates for help. 

7. Include Images Whenever Possible

Nobody wants to read endless blocks of text. And yet, that’s exactly what many newsletters do.

You need to include many images to keep your newsletter bright and colorful. These can also help illustrate your articles.

For example, can you include a graph that helps to explain your blog post? Are there any ways to include images of employees that are being featured?

The average time spent reading a newsletter is only 51 seconds. But, you can keep your audience gripped with more visuals. 

Tips for Your Wellness Newsletter

You don’t want to produce another wellness newsletter that is simply ignored by your employees. People have enough spam emails. 

If you’re going to work on the newsletter, you need to make sure people actually engage with it. So, follow our tips to make sure you achieve this!

Did you find this blog post helpful and interesting? You’ll be delighted to discover that there is much more to explore on our website. 

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