Robot Vacuums – What to consider before purchasing one?

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Robot vacuums can be found on the market for longer period of time, but they’ve only recently made a boom. Homeowners are enchanted by this trend which reduces the amount of housework they are supposed to complete.

It’s unbelievable how such small devices can clean such big areas, but they are capable of much more. Their multiple sensors enable them to navigate and memorize the environment, set virtual limits or make a distinction between different types of surfaces and litter. They are the house helper you’ve always wanted and you’re finally given the opportunity to have one.

Nevertheless, regardless of how eager you are to purchase a robot vacuum, there are certain factors to consider prior to making a choice.

The size of your home

The first factor you should consider is the size of your house or flat, as there are various types of robot cleaners depending on the area they cover. Certain types are better suited for smaller areas such as flats or smaller houses, while others are more convenient for bigger areas, especially for large-sized houses.

After determining the type which matches your preferences, you should also consider the room under your furniture, as some robot vacuums are taller than others which can be a problem as they won’t be able to fit under it. Therefore, measure the space under your sofas, beds and wardrobes and find a vacuum which matches these measures in order to avoid additional cleaning trouble. 

Having a pet

If you are a pet owner, you should consider purchasing a model which is programmed to clean pets’ hair and litter. These models have special kind of brushes which remove the fur more easily than the regular vacuum cleaners. In addition, the best robot vacuum for pet hair even has a high-efficiency particulate air filter, known as HEPA filter, which helps in purifying the air from all the pet allergens, thus reducing the risk of allergies. 

However, these models require higher maintenance as they employ bigger suction power which suggests frequent replacement of brushes and filters. Also, those homeowners who plan to use the robot cleaner for vacuuming pet litter, should look for cleaners with larger bins in order to avoid non-stop emptying.

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Application feature

Some of the latest and more high-tech models are connected to an application on your phone, which you can use for giving commands. Instead of adjusting the settings on the device, you can do it through your phone from any room in the house.

In case you’ve forgotten where you stored your robot vacuum the last time it cleaned the house, you can immediately locate it by selecting the start option from the application. The latest models also use voice commands, so you’ll just have to say ‘stop cleaning’ and the vacuum would terminate the process. 

Type of floors

Another factor which influences the choice of a robot vacuum, is the type of floors in your house. Some models have more advanced features which enable them to switch between two different types of floors, such as hardwood and tiles, without any difficulty. On the other hand, the cheaper models have to be manually adjusted in order to perform this task. 

Apart from vacuuming features, some models have mopping features as well. These are extremely useful if your house is covered with vinyl floors. Visit this page to see the best cleaning methods for every type of floor.

Wide price-range

A huge advantage of robot cleaners is that they come in wide range of prices, affordable for almost everyone’s pocket. Their prices are relatively lower than several years ago, due to the increased level of competition on the market. You can find these type of vacuums as cheap as two hundred dollars, equipped solely with the basic cleaning features, without any navigation. 

For more than a double price, your cleaner will have the capacity to memorize the arrangement of your rooms as well as clean only in specific rooms which you previously selected. Naturally, if you opt for one of the most expensive models, you’ll certainly get the full-package and enjoy the benefits of a vacuum which would charge itself and dispose of the garbage.

The more money you pay, the better service you get. 

Wrap up

Purchasing a robot cleaner is a significant decision which shouldn’t be made in a hurry. Never purchase the vacuum until you’ve measured the size of your home, determined the types of your floors and set a budget. 

Decide if you’re going to purchase a more advanced model which is costlier or a basic model which costs a lot less.

Eventually, your budget will have the last word. However, remember that all models of robot vacuums are going to save you the time you long for!