How to use tape in hair extensions?

Nowadays, the care of natural hair is a trend. With the right conditioners, shampoos, oils and special tools or chemicals and other treatments, you can achieve exceptional results. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to have a perfect hairstyle. Sometimes the genes can’t reach the hair density you’ve dreamed of, and sometimes an immediate effect is needed. In this case, it is worth using the solution that are hair extensions.

  1. What are tape in extensions?
  2. Tape hair extensions – what should you know?
  3. How to remove tape in hair extensions?

What can you do if you want to have beautiful hair in the fastest time? Let’s think about that.

What are tape in extensions?

Hair extensions are artificial hair that allow a compression and prolongation of the natural hairstyle. There are different kinds. One of them are tape in hair extensions. This species is characterized above all by exceptional durability, naturalness and is not noticeable even in the production of hairstyles such as a high ponytail. When choosing a product for yourself, it is best to opt for tape in extensions from natural hair. Models made of hair from humans are much more durable and look better.

Tape hair extensions – what should you know?

Tape into such extensions that should be applied and removed by professionals. This is due to the fact that unlike the other types they are attached to your hair with a special glue. As a result, they see naturally and are very stable. Normally they can withstand on the hair for about 10 weeks, but it is a very individual matter. It is worth noting that tape in extensionsoccur in a huge selection of lengths, from short to shoulder length to very long. Remarkable is also the huge selection of colors. Usually, however, one finds mainly natural colors such as black, brown or blonde tape in hair extensions.

How to remove tape in hair extensions?

Tape in extensions blend well with natural hair due to a special method of fastening them. In addition to that it is impossible to remove them yourself. For this you need a good tape in extension remover. It allows you to remove artificial hair without damaging the natural. It should be remembered that a well and properly used remover will not cause the hair to fall out. Extensions should be removed when a new growth of hair comes in or when their destruction becomes visible.

If you have thin hair, and you need a quick improvement in the condition of your hairstyle, a good option may be extensions. Well done can be imperceptible as well as natural hair, so it is definitely worth choosing them. Good extensions with the right accessories are a great buy for anyone who wants to improve their hairstyle.