How Valuable is an Online Degree?

When you decide to go back to school, one of the biggest decisions you make will be whether to go online or on-campus. If you are not sure if an online degree is as valuable as a traditional one, the information below will help you to determine the answer.

The Popularity of Online Schooling

While an online education was once a rarity, it is now increasingly popular. From business to health and humanities, there are many fields of study available in a virtual learning environment.

With its increasing popularity, online degrees are now common for employers to see on the resumes of job applicants. The frequency with which HR departments see online credentials has helped make them a new normal that is on par with traditional degrees.

Attain the Next Career Steps

An online degree provides you with the credentials to pursue the next stage in your career journey, whether you are graduating in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or later in life. It provides a respectable academic accomplishment on your resume, as well as the skills gained through the university experience.

In addition to its being a prerequisite to many jobs, a degree shows that you have put in the work over a substantial amount of time to meet your goal of graduating. The ability to see it through shows you have a strong drive to work in the related industry, whether it is healthcare, accounting, public administration or another area of study at

Employers Respect Them

If you are wondering if employers respect online degrees as much as on-campus ones, a recent study answers that question with an adamant “yes”. As per the study results shared on CNN, many executives are not only familiar with distance-learning degrees, but they also see them as just as credible as the traditional counterparts.

Eighty-three percent of the surveyed executives say that an online degree is as credible as a campus-based program. Factors that affect their views of the degree’s value include the school’s accreditation and the quality of the graduates. These things can make the degree more valuable to the organization’s hiring department.

Shows Your Flexibility

Getting your higher education online rather than in a traditional on-campus setting also shows employers that you can set your schedule and follow it. Being self-motivated is essential for any pupil in a distance learning environment, and by graduating, you show hiring professionals that you can work unsupervised and meet goals.

Rather than having a structured class schedule, you’ve had to set your daily schedule for studying and completing projects to ensure you succeed in the program. Being self-motivated is a skill that many employers value in their team members.

The Value of an Online Degree

When choosing your degree program, ensure that it will lead to the right credentials in your state. Achieving your dream after graduation is easier with a degree under your belt that shows you have taken the time and energy to learn about the industry, and that you are serious about your career.

Look forward to getting the education that opens the door to your dream job. Great possibilities await you!