Inspecting A Roof For Damage In Future With Expert Roofers


While spending time to assess property for flipping, knowing a bit more about the roof and the basics of its inspection can help in preventing overlooking of any costly expense. Based on the square footage, material, roof type, architecture, slope and number of interruptions taking place like skylights, chimney, dormers and vents, a proficient roof replacement can cost you thousands of dollars. Some of buyers even hire inspectors to take a quick look at the roof before buying the house from your side. It helps in the selling process and can address the right cost of a property during sale. So, getting the roof checked beforehand to increase the resale value of your house and avoid spending so many bucks at a time, it is mandatory to call forexperienced salt lake city roofers now.

While checking your roof:

Now, the main question popping up in your mind is what exactly to look for while you are checking the roof. You can always hire a professional inspector to cover roof inspection while purchasing a new property. Whenever you are evaluating the property, chances are high that you will be looking for multiple houses before selecting one. Choosing inspector for each one of them might eat up all your expenses. You can often learn basics of how you might have to inspect a roof, limit the unwanted surprises and save thousands in this business.

  • While any form of documentation might inform you when the roof as properly installed or the last time it was replaced on the property value, you still have to check the roof on your own.
  • A visual roof inspection is what you must look for. If you want, you can just climb up the roof and use binocular for inspecting the conditions or even use a drone camera to capture some pictures.
  • Apart from the roof, you have to inspect some of the other parts like overhands and eaves, fascia an even guttering for the said water damage.
  • You have to check in for all the roofing interruptions like dormers, skylights, roof mounting antennas, chimneys and even satellite dishes, along with the vent pipes too.
  • Whenever you are examining the roof, you better check for the chimney caps and the chimney mortar joints. You have to look for the vent stacks and obsolete antennas and satellite dishes too.

Under the house interior, you have to check the structure for the water damage and mold. For that, you have to take a quick look at the attic, walls and ceilings, skylights for mold or water damage, chimneys, walls inside cabinets, closet walls and ceilings, roof mounted exhaust fans and more.

Ways to inspect the roof types:

The first ever protection that any house has against any foreign element has to be roof and there are variations available in terms of roofing materials. You might even get the chance to learn some of the basics about every material, which in turn, will help you in spotting damage to be repaired or roofing that needs to  be replaced right here right now.

Heading towards asphalt roofing:

These roofing surfaces are granular in nature. When these shingles age, they start to become brittle from sun and other elements. Then these granules can eventually detach from shingles. You have to check out the gutters and at end of downspouts for the asphalt based granule deposit. 

  • It is mandatory for you to inspect roof for the spots looking bare where all the granules have detached and been washed away completely. Moreover, you have to inspect the roof for missing, warped or torn shingles.
  • Whenever the corners or edges or shingles are curling or rising up, they are actually outliving the usefulness and might need replacing. Moreover, you have to check out for indentations or even puncture as result of hail storm.
  • Even though the insurance mainly coves damage from hail, in case the property has collected insurance money and did not get the roof repaired or the place was vacant, then it is the homeowner paying for the repairs.
  • In some parts of the world, placing new shingle layer over the old one is allowed by code. There is mostly a limit on the number of times this can be done. So, if your property is in need of a new roof and you get the opportunity to place new shingle over the old one, ten you are saving a great deal of money.

Inspection of the metal roofs:

Metal roofs are primarily constructed using aluminum, copper steel or even the galvanized iron as the major materials. Most of these metal roofs will have a proper life expectancy of around 50 years, after which, you can start seeing some problems with the items over here. Pits, rust, perforations or even corrosion can be widely used for determining the age of the said roof. Moreover, you need to check for the corners, seams and even joints for accumulation of loose, dried or peeled caulk or any of the other seam material.

Inspecting clay tile or slate roofing:

There are primarily three common materials under tile roofing and those are clay, concrete tile or terracotta tile. Again, you have light in weight or composite tiles in the market. The most common one as widely used in manufactured using concrete. You can identify these roofs by the absence of color and thickness on underside or bottom of tiles. They are noted to have around 75 years or even lifetime warranties. However, they might leak somewhat sooner based on the quality of workers and their works. The area of any country and the local codes will require these options to be proficiently attached with nails, battens, construction adhesives, foam, screws or even proficient combination of fasteners.

It is always important to check out the roofing type and materials first before you can inspect the condition. This way, you will be sure that the inspectors are doing their job right and will be able to preset perfect result.