15 Ways to Increase Instagram Followers and Likes 

If you are a beginner on Instagram, the posting photos and waiting for responses could be a depressing affair many times. While all your hard work and efforts earn nothing more than a few likes from only a handful of users, then it is pretty discouraging. 

In this article, we will discuss some random tips and ideas which will help the business marketers on Instagram to get some real engagement for your posts. You may know many of the ideas listed below, which are more focused to increase engagement as likes and comments, but it worth considering again.

The 15 top tips to triumph on Instagram

1. Using hashtags which are known and largely admired can help increase your followers and like. Eg: #instafollow, #FF (Follow Friday), #tagforlikes, #l4l (Like for like) etc.

2. Like random photos posted by people in your follower group. A study had shown that every 100 likes you do on random pictures, you may get back six more followers.

3. Run contests on Instagram. For example, just post an image promoting your content and ask people to like to enroll in the contest.

4. Promote the Instagram account through other channels. Tell people what they can expect on following you as sneak peeks, coupon codes, behind-the-scenes images, etc.

5. Do your postings at the right time of the day. Some studies show the result as a couple of posts a day at 2 am or 5 pm tend to reach to the most.

6. Follow others too who use popular hashtags as #likeforlike and #followme, etc. to get накрутить лайки инстаграм follow backs. But do it relevantly.

7. On Instagram, quality always beats quantity. So, be careful preparing images to post. People don’t like to follow someone who posts hundreds of random pictures of food or fashion.

8. Prepare your bio carefully. You can include relevant hashtags and keywords in the bio. Also, bio is the only place where you can post a link back to your site, so use it effectively.

9. Try to make your posts more engaging by asking questions and requesting some actions as your photo captions.

10. Posting on Sundays are found to have more visibility and engagement rate.

11. Be consistent in terms of posting. Be goal-specific and maintain a fair schedule for posts. The follower group will organically grow if you do it consistently and effectively.

12. Try to add call-to-action to your captions. Prompt them to engage by igniting the scope of further action. 

13. Even though it is essential to stick to a schedule, don’t be afraid to make postings more often when needed.

14. Try to follow back the suggested users. You can go to the settings and access the ‘Find and invite friends’ option to get ‘Suggested Users.’

15. Use analytical tools like Piqora to see what types of images are getting the highest level of engagement and then plan for further promotions accordingly.

In fact, there are more ways too to get better engagement and more likes on Instagram like geotagging, pre-scheduled posts, combining photos creatively, get influencer support, creating and promoting branded hashtags, etc. You could also buy Instagram views cheap to increase the chances of more views and followers.