Instagram Diets: To Listen or Not Listen to Celebrities Regarding Food Issues

By Melisa Marzett

Celebrities’ Instagram accounts and other social networks profiles give an opportunity to look at their lives, to find out some latest news and some even follow their favorite celebrities in order to discover a secret of looking «perfect». Celebrities do not miss a chance to share «sceret» information, including their food ration — needless to say, that one can follow their advice far from always.  Here are the most popular Instagram diets and the reasons why they are harmful.

SlimBitchClub community appeared last year in March Russian TV personalities and friends have become its first members. They announced that came up with a useful menu together, dishes out of which are available in one of Moscow health and beauty center. The participants of the club share pieces of advice on how to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, which helps them and post on their Instagram profiles the recipes of  «useful» dishes, videos from training and beauty saloon advertising they visit personally.

The advice consists of mainly scaring effects of too many calories and overeating. There are lists of «acid» and «alcaline» products codenamed used by separation diet followers on the club Instagram. It is known that separation diet is a pseudo diet and the ideas behind it have nothing in common with biochemical processes in a body. No other posts published by the club`s participants have any scientific ground confirming their effectiveness and usefulness of these or those changes of a ration.  Instead, there are many myths such as the usefulness of goji berries, which the authors of Instagram explain as «super food», and suggest to consume dietary supplements instead of chemical «chemical vitamins».

To be fair, Slim Bitch Club calls for an active lifestyle — WHO supports this statement recommending aerobic activity of average intensity no less than 150 minutes a week or at least 75 minutes if the intensity is high, let alone vigorous exercise no less than two times a week. However, recipes suggested by the club work as snacks only, but not a regular meal and do not bring any special usefulness for sure.

Many posts say about a total refusal from certain products — milk, spinach, broccoli, — although such limitations will only make your ration less diverse and make you nervous, and in the longer term may lead to lack of these or those nutritional chemicals. The main thing about a healthy ration is not separate products or their components but what a human eats for a long time. In order to make a character of nutrition better, it is better to follow conclusive dietetics even if its principles are shown in popular scientific or even playful form (like Eatwell British plate).

Loss weight teas and mixes

Different powders and substances for loss weight such as tea, BooTea or TeaToxare Instagram hit. Such things really help to lose a few pounds but not due to real loss weight but because of eccoprotic and diuretic action. More often than not, senna is a component part, which is a vegetable detergent sometimes prescribed in case of a lock.  Consuming too many mixes like that can lead to water depletion and bowel transgression.

Many celebrities promote such things including Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff. A simple idea (usually a set includes two teas, morning and  «for loss weight» and evening «for detoxication») and not a sky-high price made the market of such teas huge — now thousands of companies produce them throughout the world, which according to some records, fee the celebrities up to 250 000 $ for an advertising. As long as teas are registered not as medicine, but as nutrient additives, ist ingredients do not go through a rigorous check, and there is no place to receive an unbiased information on safety. At that, the ingredients is opened not always and unknown substances may cause real health problems.

Detox Diets

A myth that a body is possible to clean up from some «toxins» by means of «detox», seems to be impossible to extirpate: advertising of detox juices, smoothie and nutrient additives becomes less and less. Usually, by detox some product is meant, which should «excrete» all harmful substances, «accumulated» in a body, either partial or complete starvation. Liquid diets authors (on juices or smoothie) with pressure to digestive system unloading, which «rests» without heavy food — but such breaks are not needed for a person who lives a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to fresh juices, they contain a big amount of candy sugar and may cause harm teeth, and with time raise the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular system diseases. 

Detox diets are popular among celebrities: Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian (the latter generously shares with recipes of smoothie «for loss weight after giving birth»). It is safe to say that well-balanced ration and active lifestyle smooth the way to high quality «detox», not a small bottle of juice.

Why is that harmful?

Tips on food ration and diets are given by celebrities as easy as they advertise cosmetics and clothes, without a second thought that blind following these recommendations may harm people`s health. There is a demonization of separate groups of products apart from pseudo-scientific terms such as «detox» and «super food», also such posts contain a huge number of advertising, hidden or direct.

At that both, Instagram celebrities and their subscribers forget that weight loss, food ration and lifestyle are as complicated topics as, for example, the health of reproductive system and control over chronic diseases. Food ration and eating habits are unique for each individual and having a desire to change them or improve, one is to listen to a specialist in the first place. That is to say, ration and needs of every human require individual and professional approach.

What this means is if to talk about weight loss, to define its necessity, it is better to talk with a doctor as well: on the one hand, those who in most cases do not suffer from obesity found some «extra» pounds. On the other hand, if the weight is higher than physical standard, it may be not about disbalance only but alos about expandable calories: metabolic disorder, hormone disruption and disorders of psychological development are possible. Even though they offer to get rid of a few inches in the area of a waist for a short time of period, one should understand that harm from such intrusion may be bigger than use.

Celebrities often recommend strict low diets, allowing to lose a few pounds for several days, for example in case of some event to happen soon. Such diets have no scientific basis and if to follow them often, problems may occur both physical, and psychological. If to exclude complete group of products, it will upset the balance of digestible nutrients, while strict limitations affect eating habits and disturb perception of hunger signals and satiation signals. Research shows that often following short diets affect the moral condition in many ways, leads to eating behavior, reduced life satisfaction and other disorders. There is a connection between short diets and frequency of a diseases row (up to total mortality and mortality resulting from ischemic heart disease), although the main reason is still to be found.

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