Keep Your Pets Safe This Thanksgiving

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-3-53-10-pmKeeping your furry family members safe during Thanksgiving can be a difficult task. Whether you’re traveling or celebrating at home this year, it’s important to be mindful of your pet’s well-being. From unhealthy treats to toxic plants– the list is never ending. So how do you make sure you avoid an emergency trip to the veterinarian this holiday season?

Aly DelaCoeur of Why Does My Dog, a video-driven website devoted to delivering bite-sized tips and techniques, offers her professional expertise on how to keep your pets safe throughout the holiday celebrations. 

  1. Get ready for begging! The smell of a home cooked holiday meal can be extremely overpowering and even the most behaved dog will be at the table hoping for a bite. Provide your dog with a distraction while you’re eating to ensure that he stays on his bed or in his crate. A dog toy stuffed with peanut butter is the perfect tasty treat to keep your dog consumed for several minutes so you can enjoy your holiday meal.
  2. Not all scraps are good scraps. The food is the best part of the holidays! But not all human food can be dog food. It is important to know which holiday foods are toxic to your pet before you start feeding him your scraps. For example, make sure you stay away from chocolate, raisins, onions, etc. since they can cause a lot of harm to your pup’s health.  
  3. Beware of cooked bones. Every now and then, it’s okay to feed your furry loved one some scraps of your meal. However, you should NEVER feed your pet cooked bones. Be sure to throw away those leftover turkey and/or ham bones. Cooked bones have the potential to splinter and can be extremely detrimental to your pet’s health, causing damage to the intestine if accidentally swallowed.
  4. Guest overload. Turkey Day festivities always include a handful of guests. With people constantly coming in and out of the door, your furry loved one may be tempted to sneak out and run off. Practice the “Go to Your Bed” or “Wait/Stay” commands before Thanksgiving to guarantee Fido stays calm and allows your guests to come through your home.
  5. Plan an escape route. Even the friendliest dogs can get stressed with a lot of people coming and going. Make sure your dog has an escape route in case he gets overwhelmed. Let your guests know to leave him alone if he needs it. 
  6. Give your dog some extra love. Remember that your furry loved one can sense when you are stressed out and may begin to act up or get scared. Try to give him some extra love and treats during, what can be, such a stressful time of year.
  7. Body language is key. Children (and some adults) can get very excited and noisy during the holidays. Pay close attention to your dog’s body language to make sure that he is comfortable and not getting overwhelmed by the festivities. Have an available escape place that is quiet if your dog needs it. 

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