Marcus Debaise Discusses How to Boost Your Online Business amid the Corona Crisis

The digital landscape would prove as a blessing amid these turbulent times when the US and the entire world have been ruffled by the COVID-19 pandemic. When customers shop online, video call families and friends, or attend training online, these businesses continue to make money amid the crisis, unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores. 

According to an article published on, the use of the internet has surged by 70 percent following lockdowns and this trend has mirrored all over the world, including the US. Therefore, if your business has suffered due to the pandemic, boost your online visibility. Here is how: 

Marcus Debaise thinks website upgrading is essential 

If you have been contemplating upgrading your website, improving the layout as well navigation, this is the right time to do so. Make your web pages look stunning to provide a pleasing user experience and fresh, quality content to persuade your visitors to buy your products or services. Your web copy should be lucid and compelling because web visitors spend much of their time browsing, researching, and of course shopping, amid the corona epidemic. 

Make sure your website design is logical and easy to navigate so that users can quickly find the information they want . Since lockdown and social distancing, your business website is the primary source to attract visitors and turn them into your loyal customers. Even if the lockdown is lifted, people may not visit your physical store like before due to the pandemic. Therefore, Marcus Debaise strongly recommends giving your website a facelift to boost traffic and sales. 

Keep customers informed 

Now is the time when your customers are staying indoors and working from home. Therefore, they have more time to listen or read your brand stories or materials. Make the best use of all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to put your business in the minds of your customers. 

Keep your buyers informed about the changes you’ve implemented in your business. Is your store open for limited hours? Have you diversified your business? What are your new policies amid the pandemic? These are the questions your brand communication materials to answer, thus keeping customers informed. You can even ask your buyers to browse your website, plant new ideas, and motivate them to inquire about products or services.

Marcus Debaise: Think of unique ways to connect to your customers 

During the corona pandemic, you may not meet your buyers face-to-face, but use innovative ways to connect to your audience. These include free consultation calls, virtual meetings, and virtual tours of your business, video content, and things like that. You need to humanize your business and tap on the emotions of your customers. Show that your business is real and dealing with COVID-19 too. Reap the maximum benefits out of each lead generated through live chat bots on your site, motivating prospects to interact with your marketing team online. Therefore, it is the right time to integrate a chat system into your web pages. 

Final words

These are some of the ways to boost your online business amid the pandemic. Accept the challenges and tweak your business model. Marcus Joseph DeBaise is an Ellington, CT based entrepreneur. Currently, he is the Controller of Roberts Chrysler. Never one to believe in the status quo, he’s constantly thinking of new ideas and rehashing old ones.

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