Messy Molds: 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic Household Molds

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We tend to overlook our house’s overall condition because of our busyness at work, in our businesses, or our personal affairs. While we attend to our respective urgent concerns, we often forget that our house needs to breathe too by having it entirely cleaned once in a while. Why? The reason is simple. Unwanted and shy visitors suddenly appear in our homes and make our homes their abode.

Who are these uninvited visitors? They are called molds. They commonly grow in the corners of your home where there is a lot of moisture. They are also found in dusty places or contaminated areas. They are hazardous to your health. You will get allergies or inhale its foul odor. That is why it is crucial to know how to remove these harmful substances. 

Hence, listed below are five ways to get rid of toxic molds from your home. Try to follow these ways before these germs adversely affect your health.

1. Do Some General Cleaning 

Worry not because removing molds from your house does not have to be complicated and expensive. You can do it on your own. You only need a lot of courage since molds are not so pleasing to look at and smell. The first step is to do some general cleaning. General cleaning consists of basic cleaning tasks such as dusting, wiping, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, disinfecting, and arranging all the stuff accordingly in your house. 

Therefore, you need to do all these, especially in delicate places, to successfully eliminate the molds. And to make it easier, you may apply vinegar to affected areas like your tiled bathroom or sink, which usually wets. Vinegar is a somewhat mild and lenient acid that kills more or less 82% of known and visible molds. 

Thus, it is useful for mold eradication. You must only allow it to stay on the surface for at least an hour without scrubbing the latter to penetrate the infected area.

2. Seal The Grout 

Grout is what fills the open spaces between the tiles. It is what aligns the tiles. Thus, these open spaces or gaps between the tiles are the perfect place for the molds to breed, grow, and multiply since these are porous and often wet. And because of its porous nature, it allows moisture to get inside so quickly. Thus, that explains why grouts are the perfect breeding ground for molds.

So, to remove molds from the grout and prevent them from multiplying, you must seal it if not yet sealed; and fix it if it is broken. That way, it won’t be difficult for you to eliminate these toxic molds. 

3. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Molds grow swiftly in places where there is no or limited air circulation. Also, they multiply when the rooms inside your house are not exposed to sunlight. Have you noticed that when you leave your house or condominium unit for days or weeks for a vacation or business trip, your home or condo unit smells terrible after you come back? Worse, you see dark spots in your bathroom and kitchen tiles. Unfortunately, molds have invaded your home.

Thus, to avoid this from happening, always ensure proper ventilation. Open your doors and windows to help circulate air inside your house and for sunlight to come in as well. That way, it will reduce the chance of molds multiplication inside your home. Moreover, you won’t breathe in the awful smell these toxic substances bring. 

4. Hire a Team that Offers Mold Removal Services 

Since molds are everybody’s nightmare, you should consider hiring someone who offers mold removal services. If you cannot stand dealing with these culprits alone, ask somebody to help you eradicate these noxious molds. It’s hassle-free and easy.

Consequently, you may hire the services of Pure Maintenance to do these tasks for you professionally. It’s a service that guarantees fast mold treatment so you won’t have to suffer waiting for your problem to be solved. You do not have to shoulder your horrible situation alone. You have the choice to ask for help and make your life so much easier.

5. Avail of Your Insurance Policy

Of course, every homeowner secures various insurance policies such as fire or casualty insurance policies to protect their home. However, these insurance policies are not limited to fire or casualty alone. Therefore, it is possible to include mold removal in your insurance policy under certain circumstances. 

You only have to discuss it with your insurance agent. This arrangement is not a difficult task because money plays a vital role in it. If you have sufficient money, you can simply tell your insurance agent about your need to have mold removal included in your insurance policy. Once the problem arises, you won’t need to spend a one-time big-time only for mold removal because the insurance company will be there to shoulder the cost. 


Killing the molds that almost cause your health involves a lot of effort. But it does not mean that it’s impossible to obliterate them. The ones listed above are some of the simple and most effective ways of living a life free from these messy molds. Hence, stop worrying and simply follow the methods as mentioned earlier.