One: An Industry Disruptor in Providing Holistic Wealth Fulfillment

Pittsburgh “Bigger is better” is a dominant theme in the wealth management industry that a select group of financial advisors is determined to disrupt. 

“In the midst of industry consolidation, survival is not contingent upon acquisitions—it’s contingent upon providing unprecedented value,” observed Joseph Scarpo, founder and CEO of PWA Wealth Management. “We treat every client as if they were our only client, and what we’ve learned is every client wants a single source of trust.” 

A single source of trust is the inspiration for a newly formed alliance of wealth planning, investment management, accounting, legal, insurance, and real estate firms to serve successful individuals and families. 

“The Client-First Alliance operates as exceptional, independent entities with one mission, one mindset: saving clients time and headaches by integrating the full continuum of wealth management services,” Mr. Scarpo added. 

“Some wealth management companies provide highly qualified referrals, and a handful provide a family office experience, where integrated services are offered to the uber-wealthy,” he stated. “We aim to serve the mass affluent—people with $1 million or more in investable assets—who deserve every bit of care at a very reasonable price. And, because many of our clients are business owners, the Client-First Alliance can also furnish payroll and employer benefit services.”

“We believe the alliance business model is a first in the industry,” observed Richard Bell, CPA and Partner at Wilder & Company. 

“In fact, most businesses that enter into strategic alliances fail because they do so for the wrong reasons,” he added. “We’ve known one another since we were altar boys, so the single source of trust is not just for clients—it’s for us, as well, knowing that every firm in the Client-First Alliance can be trusted to place clients’ interests above their own.” 

Nicholas Tropiano, founder and Principal of Assured Risk Advisors, added, “The Client-First Alliance enables us to broaden and deepen relationships by providing services that are not limited to insurance-related offerings. We like the notion of being an innovative disruptor; it suits our personalities.”

“We are branding the Client-First Alliance as “ONE” — since that’s what comes to mind when you think of client-first and a single source of trust,” said Mr. Scarpo. “We think it’s time for ONE, and look forward to introducing this groundbreaking concept to our clients.”

Services include:

  • Family Wealth Planning & Education
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Planning & Analysis 
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Trust & Estate Planning
  • Business & Personal Insurance
  • Real Estate Acquisition, Settlement & Leasing
  • Business Owner Consulting
  • Payroll & Employer Benefits

Firms include:

  • PWA Wealth Management
  • Wilder & Company, CPAs
  • Assured Risk Advisors
  • The Nichols Law Group
  • Security Settlement Services
  • The Payroll Shoppe
  • Employer Benefit Solutions

For additional information, visit or contact Celeste Zingarelli or Anthony Scarpo at 412.931.2700.