The Science Behind Healthy and Happy Relationships

Relationships are a tough cookie. No one said that they were going to be easy. Having a relationship isn’t a one-time thing. Individuals who suggest that when you find your perfect match, things become simple and easy. Well, truth time! There is no such thing as an easy relationship!

Relationships require constant commitment and effort. You can’t make an effort to make dinner for your loved one once a year and hope for them to love you just because of that one dinner. You need to show consistent love, care, and compassion. It is not a one-time fling, but a long-drive that ends with ‘until death do us part.’

Not sure how a healthy and happy relationship works. Well, there is a simple science behind it – love and care! Do you believe your relationship is falling apart? Here are a few tips that might help you develop a healthier and happier relationship with your significant others.

Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples

The Balanced Ratio of 5:1

One of the major reasons behind an unhappy relationship is unhealthy conflict. When you start to indulge in more negative interactions than positive interactions, your relationship starts to fall apart. According to the experts, to overcome every single negative interaction, you should indulge at least five positive interactions with your partner.

 The more positive your interactions are with your loved one, the stronger your relationship will get. Happy couples tend to focus more on positives as compared to negatives. Bad or overwhelmed interactions should be left in the past, and both partners should try their best to overcome the underlying issue and opt for healthier, happier, and positive interactions.

Prioritize Friendship

When in a relationship, couples often forget to maintain their friendship. Individuals who get married based on love only forget that before they fell in love, they were good friends who were open and honest with another and prioritized their FRIEND before their own.

Your emotional connection with your partner is always stronger than the physical intimacy that your experience. If you begin to lose that emotional touch, that is because you have lost the friendship zone. Now you are only focused on asking and not giving.   

So both partners should always prioritize their friendship over their physical connection. Try to relive your old happy memories. If you need a bit of help, then order Kratom online from Kratom Krush at an excellent price and sit back and relax. Talk to the other person, understand his needs, show them that you care, and are there for them no matter the situation because that is what friends do!  

Specific hours for your partner

Our lives have become quite busy these days. With our hectic routines and every financial pressure, couples have lost time for another. Either they are trying to make a living, or they are focused on fulfilling their kids’ needs. In both cases, they have no time for themselves or each other.

As a partner, you need to understand that you have a special connection with your loved one. Since you have committed yourself in a relationship, thus you have special responsibilities to fulfill as well. So take out a few hours during the week to spend some alone time with your partner.

Do some you both like. Cook together, go on a trip, or simply smoke red dragon Kratom in your living room and tall endlessly with your significant other. View more to know how it helps to build a healthy relationship and maintain your emotional connection with your partner. Emotional connection is very important in a healthy and happy relationship.

You need to show your loved one that you still have time for him or her during a busy week, even with all the stress and pressure. Show them that they matter to you, and you are willing to take some time out for them. The more love and care you present, the happier your relationship gets.

Date and Physical Intimacy

No matter whether your relationship is new or you have been with your loved one for yours. It is important that you still plan those romantic date nights and getaways with your partner at least once a month. Other than that, physical intimacy is very important.

Research suggests that individuals who tend to have sex at least once a week are more likely to develop strong emotional feelings for their loved ones. Furthermore, according to a survey, people reported being 55% happier after having sex every few days.  

So maintain physical intimacy in your relationship. Try to show your partner that you are still attracted to them. This helps build a physical and emotional connection and leads to a happier and healthier relationship.

Celebrate Each Other’s Achievements

If you have a healthy and happy relationship, you will be the first person your partner shares his good news with. So no matter the size of their achievements, always try to lift your partner by celebrating each other’s achievements. The more you lift someone’s spirit, the more confident they feel about themselves, which is good for their mental health as well.

You need to show your partner that you are happy for them. Show them that you believe in them. Your gesture of love doesn’t have to be grand but try to make it as special and personalized as possible. Throw a party, take them out for lunch, or buy them something that they desire. They are an endless way to celebrate each other’s achievements. You just have to put in the effort!

According to a study conducted, partners who celebrate each other’s achievements are more satisfied in their relationship than the ones who don’t. So no matter the size of the achievement, make an effort to make your partner feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Remember, there is no competition.

A relationship and happiness is not a competition. Sometimes when expressing our love, we forget that even though we are trying to show the other person how much we love them, but at the same time, we make them feel less about themselves. Remember that there is no competition as to who loves who more.

Furthermore, when in an argument, there is no winning between couples. If someone wins and the other person loses in a negative interaction, then it is actually your relationship that is losing. So instead of focusing on your anger or your need to win an argument, relax and take a step back. Evaluate the situation with a cool mind and take on a healthier approach.

Let small things go. They are not worth the trouble. Try to interact and communicate more with your partner. Over time they will automatically learn about your likes and dislikes. So don’t force things just to win a competition because there is none!


Every relationship is different. You have a unique, unexplainable connection with your partner that only you and he or she understands. Don’t try to compare your relationship with others because yours is different. Instead, analyze your relationship based on your emotional and physical connection.

Not only will this help in building a healthy relationship, but it will also promote a number of health benefits. No more stress or extra pressure to make your relationship perfect because it doesn’t have to be perfect but happy!