Tips For Picking The Right Colour For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the essential corners, in fact, the heart of any home. The kitchen is not only a place to cook and store your food but is also a gathering place to spend quality time with your family while having meals. Decorating the kitchen with all the essentials is the most critical decision when it comes to interior designing. 

Besides choosing cabinets, countertops, appliances, or the floor, selecting the perfect colour palette for your kitchen is tough. While picking any colour, there are so many things to take care.

Here are some tips if you think of giving your kitchen a refreshed look with a fresh coat of colours.

  • Know the right paint for the kitchen

There are varieties of paints that come in various shapes and textures. Painting your kitchen is quite different than painting your house. The kitchen is that corner of the house that needs your utmost attention to keep it clean, especially to maintain proper hygiene. For this, the regular paints are not for the kitchen. The kitchen always needs latex or oil-based paint that is easy to wash and clean up without damaging the walls. 

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  • Go for some cold hues.

Picking up shade can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to choosing the right hue. Any colour has its visual impact that not only gives you a complete makeover but can also be responsible for setting your mood. Picking up the wrong shade not only tingles in your eyes but can also make you discomfort that can affect while preparing your food.

For a soft and relaxed ambiance, go for some cold hues. If you are a boastful and highly energetic person, then the vibrant and bright colours will be best to make your kitchen feel open and lively. 

  • Focus on your lighting before choosing the colour.

Here is another vital factor while choosing a shade for your kitchen is the lighting fixture you have. Lights have a significant impact on colour and how it will work under natural and artificial lighting. Some colours may work well on natural lights, whereas the same can be either too bright or look less attractive and dull under the artificial light. 

So before purchasing any paint, make sure to do a patch test under the natural light. Just paint a small corner and see how it looks under the natural light and the artificial light fixture. 

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  • Go for a glossy coating.

Unlike glossy, matte is challenging to clean. While choosing a colour for the kitchen, you need to consider the scrub ability factor, which you can find more in a semi or high gloss paint. You can try for some semi or high gloss paint to get the exceptionally smooth surface. 

Moreover, unlike other rooms of the house, the kitchen is a prime place with a high damp chance. Your wise choice of paint can lessen the chances of moist penetration and retain its lustre. 

On top of everything, semi or high gloss paints are excellent and easy to clean and wipe out the grease that happens due to prolonged cooking. Besides, glass paints are highly durable that resists bumps scrape and is the most effective coating for water resistance.

  • Stick to a single shade

To brighten up your kitchen counter, always try to stick to a single shade. Choosing a shade depends on your personality and choice. If you consider selecting a glossy paint, try to go for some warm or neutral shades to keep everything simple yet elegant and classy. 

While sticking up to a single shade, keep in mind the transition areas to pair incredibly well with the dining area.

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