Top 5 Places Where to Meet a Decent Man

Where to meet a man – strong and reliable? Is it possible to make an acquaintance with such a guy? The answer is no, it’s impossible. Impossible, if you just sit at home and wait for the sun to shine, hoping that the “prince” will appear out of the blue, take you in his arms, and ride off into the sunset. But those ladies, who are ready to take responsibility for their own happiness, always have an opportunity to come across a good guy. So, meet 5 places where you can find a decent man!

Cultural bars/pubs

Of course, it’s not about noisy alco parties, where the goal of every second guy is to get bat faced. There are establishments that men visit just to relax. The atmosphere of such places is favorable for long-term heart-to-heart talks. Chilling music, subdued lighting, quiet hubbub of voices, and tasty drinks help visitors to start easy conversations. Your chances of meeting a decent man increase if a pub is located near business centers or IT companies.

Workshops and seminars 

It’s the best place to meet men who care about their future and strive to develop themselves. It’s about seminars dedicated to:

  • personal or career growth;
  • business ideas, novelties;
  • starting own business;
  • self-development.

Notably, it’s easy to meet there both young ambitious newcomers and fulfilled men who don’t want to remain complacent. Such guys are well-liked by Ukrainian girls for marriage. But you shouldn’t enroll in a course, about which you know nothing – it will be embarrassing to smile blankly when a man decides to discuss the topic of the lecture.


You can meet a single stranger at exhibitions dedicated to:

  • science, discovery, innovation;
  • cars, technical devices;
  • industrial goods;
  • weapons, equipment;
  • medicine, tourism.

Most of these topics aren’t the most familiar or exciting for women. But it makes no sense to prove to men otherwise. You may say that you don’t have knowledge in this area yet, but you are interested in learning something new. Guys like such a viewpoint much more than attempts to pose as an expert without any understanding of the theme. If you ask a man to explain to you a couple of points, you can prolong the conversation, arousing the man’s sympathy.

City festivals

If a guy attends concerts and festivals, it means you are unlikely to be bored with such a person. How to get acquainted with a man if you are embarrassed to approach him as he is relaxing with friends? You can meet the gaze of the handsome stranger and then wave a hand, smile, wink at him, or blow him a kiss.

Sports events

Sports guys who look for their body without chasing Schwarzenegger’s parameters often turn out to be very interesting personalities. Words of support or congratulations to a guy after a sporting event will increase your chances of acquaintance and sympathy of the young man. Girls who don’t like heavily muscled men can pay heed to:

  • runners, athletes;
  • skaters, cyclists;
  • skiers, snowboarders;
  • football or basketball players.
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