Top Ideas for Community Events and Gatherings This 2023


Now that the new year has officially started, most of us are busy writing and making plans and goals. And while the rest of us have made new year’s resolutions (and are determined to stick with them!), those who are set on making more of a community impact are thinking of ways to do so. There’s no doubt that our community is already as close as they come – but if you want to create even stronger and closer bonds between different community members, we’ve got some great ideas for you. If you want to plan an awesome community event, here are some top ideas for community events and gatherings this 2023. 

  1. A food diversity festival 

We all love food – whether it’s junk food, vegan food, and more. We also know that a lot of community activities start (and end) with food, so that said, there’s no better way to bring a community closer than by having a food diversity festival. Of course, you can feature all the best local cuisine your town has to offer – but you can go a step further by offering a diverse mix of food specialties from other cultures. If your town has a lot of migrants from different countries, for example, this is the perfect time and opportunity to bring everyone together! Not only will your taste buds thank you – you will foster a greater bond within the community because they have all broken bread together. 

And while you’re at it, bring some of the people’s favorite games and rides into the equation! You can hire rides and stalls such as a Ferris wheel and carousel and some games such as hook a duck and a strongman booth from a fairground stall hire professional and make the event even more awesome.

  1. A ‘tourist within your town’ event 

Another excellent event and activity that will create a lot of buzz among community residents is a ‘tourist within your town’ event. What is it? The event was created so that members of your own community can get to know their town through a new set of eyes; thus, a ‘tourist’ in their town. You can, for instance, introduce the community’s residents to hidden gems such as shops and restaurants they have never seen before. It’s also the ideal time to discuss some of the town’s history and legends, do a proper town tour, and let community members learn more about their roots. 

  1. A regional market affair 

Why not host a regional market affair or event if you want something bigger and bolder? You can host a mega market so tourists, townspeople, passersby, and shoppers can explore your city! The perfect way to attract attention to your town is to hold a grand farmer’s market, a seed swap, a craft fair, and more. Make sure that whatever market you have, advertise and promote it throughout the whole region so that many people will attend. You can also promote the event through social media and community websites and pages, send out as many invitations as possible, and ask the suppliers and vendors to promote it. A giant market is also a good way to promote local businesses and groups. You can further encourage more visitors to come by providing entertainment and activities and going for a wide variety of vendors selling food, clothing, houseware, and whatnot. 

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