Topographical Surveying

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A topographical survey of a property will primarily depict elevations and other formations that wouldn’t appear on a conventional map. Topography is essentially the cornerstone of development, playing a critical role in advanced fields. 

A professional must handle the process to be precise for your property. Go to to learn the benefits of topography as a primary step in construction processes.

When participating in any construction project, a topographic survey will display contour lines crucial for the project in different ways than the boundary survey depictions. 

The contour lines present elevation variations that can impact the job’s progression for that property.

When Should You Obtain A Topographic Survey

If a homeowner were to instigate major construction on a piece of property, whether it would be a new structure or an addition to an existing building, the individual would incorporate the services of a topography surveyor for the proper development of the project. 

What are some examples where a reputed, experienced surveying company like ASES Topographic Surveyors would be needed? Let’s learn.

  • If you were going to redevelop a piece of property

The topographic surveyor will be essential in discerning the area’s elevation for an individual who owns a parcel of land or a piece of real estate where the property needs to be redeveloped for another purpose. 

Regardless if you hope to commercialize a residential area or turn a commercialized zone into a residential spot, the needs are unique for each. The surveyor will assist in advising whether the option is viable. 

With precise elevation data, you, as the owner, will learn where on the property you can construct the structure and how to proceed.

  • An architect will need elevation details

An architect designing a plan for a homeowner’s addition or an extension to the property will seek the services of a topographic surveyor for elevation details so the architect can create their schematic base around the survey results. In this way, the construction team following the plans will be on point with their results.

  • A topographic survey is a key component of environmental restoration

Ecosystem and environmental restorations primarily depend on topography for optimum success. When a team embarks on a restoration effort involving bringing a location back to a natural and what was its original state, a primary step in the process is to reach out to a professional topography survey team. 

The details presented from their efforts in detailing the terrain and elevation are critical for restoring all environmental locations.

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Is A Topographical Survey Professional Required 

Someone not versed in conducting topographic surveys would not be able to adequately derive the precise data that a professional surveyor is capable of, disallowing a valid, accurate, or for that matter, safe project completion. 

For those who are not professionals but have a semblance of knowledge, you will still be void of the adequate tools and sufficient skills, ultimately costing more time and effort, likely eventually leading to hiring an expert to come behind and make things right. Go here for details on topography.

Many survey professionals will provide a free quote upfront allowing an idea of the project’s overall cost. Some things that go into the price point include:

  1. The area’s size
  2. Surveyor’s time
  3. The details that need to be processed

Before reaching out to a professional surveyor, research the property to gain as much insight into the land as possible. The more information you can provide the better prepared the team will be and the potential for saving costs in the process.

Final Thought

A topographical surveying professional’s work is one of great precision and accuracy. It needs to be since this team is the one most of the other industries essentially wait to get their orders from. 

That’s regardless of the industry, whether it’s commercial construction, residential addition, or if it’s an environmental restoration project. 

This team forms the critical foundation that says whether the project is viable and, if it is feasible, how the next person in line gets to proceed, and it will snowball from that point until the job has reached completion. 

Is it necessary to enlist the services of a professional topographical surveyor to handle the surveying process? Every time.

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