Top Things to Do in Hong Kong For an Expat


Visitors to Hong Kong will find it electrifying despite the chaotic enjoyment that has its own attraction and translates into an exotic experience. The opportunities for enjoyment are so many in the big city that it can leave you overwhelmed.  You can visit Hong Kong any time of the year even though October to May is the peak season for tourists and traveling between June and September is an economical option. If you are an expat settled in Hong Kong, time is on your side, and unlike tourists, you can leisurely spread over the weekends to explore the joys of the city casually. Now, let us look at some of the top things to do in HK.


There is no better place than Sky100 located on the 100th floor, two floors below the Ritz Carlton, of the International Commerce Center in West Kowloon to get a 360-degree view of the city. You get a clear idea about the orientation of the city that is ready to thrill you endlessly. The Mountains, the districts of Hong Kong and the Victoria Harbor all unfold before your eyes as you take your position on the observation deck and try to come to terms with the vast expanse of the city. 

Clock Tower Kowloon – Symphony of Lights

Reach the Victoria Harbor after sunset to watch the continuous light show which is the largest in the world. The choreographed light display will hold you in awe, and for the best viewing of the Hong Kong Light Show, you must board a cruise in the harbor that offers the most fabulous view of the spectacle.  For capturing the grand show of neon and laser lights supported by music, photographers would do good to get on the top of the clock tower.

 Monastery of 10,000 Buddhas

The nine-story pagoda atop the hill is your ultimate destination as you walk up slopes to get a taste of the culture of the country that has deeply embedded religious roots. As you might feel breathless at times during the climb, take a brief break to stand by the hillside and have a close look at the randomly spread statues of Lord Buddha in golden color all around, that will simply mesmerize you. Once you are at the top, the pavilions and temples and the pagoda invite you to the calm and serene environment that takes you to a different world. 

Wine and Dine Festival

Food puts Hong Kong on the tourist map just as much as it’s other attractions. Wine and spirit makers across the world display their best brews at the Wine and Dine Festival held every year against the spectacular backdrop of Victoria Harbor. The staggeringly huge collection of food and drinks at the festival will give you the best of the world and not Hong Kong alone as you must cover 450 booths to explore the exquisite culinary and drinks that you would have spent years to have a taste of.  

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