4 Tips To Find Nicotine Strength For Vaping E-Juice

Among all the exciting features and variations that one may encounter when shopping for vaping is the level of nicotine content, you would want your e-liquid to have. While the choice of flavors and certain other factors can be easily determined and are rather quite intuitive in terms of user preferences, understanding the nicotine strength that you would want is something that can make or break your overall vaping experience

When it comes to working as an efficient alternative for tobacco smoking, vaping certainly carries distinct benefits and is considered a comparatively way safer alternative than its tobacco counterpart. However, to lower your nicotine addiction, you need to understand how much strength to find in your vaping and other things like how many cigarettes you used to smoke in a day before starting to vape. While there can be a bit of modulation you would want to imply to make it a positive experience, here are 4 additional yet essential tips and suggestions that you can consider to find the right amount of nicotine strength in your vaping e juice

Understanding The Nicotine Extract Variants in E-Juice 

When we talk about nicotine and its use as an extract in vaping juice, this particular agent is available in two primary forms: freebase nicotine or nicotine salt.

Freebase nicotine is the original form of a base used in commonly available vaping juices that you see in the market. Also considered as relatively a more considered suitable form for most vaping styles, freebase nicotine or regular nic also offers stronger throat hit, enhanced flavor complexities, and better vapor production while also being budget-friendly on the other end. While nicotine may be present in some of the purest forms so available, the rate of absorption is not as rapid as salt nic. However, nicotine in this form is ideal for ohm and sub-ohmic devices. It offers a healthy range of nicotine levels varying between 0 mg/mL (0%) to upto 50mg/mL (5%) or even more, which is suitable for a lot of strength preferences.

Nic salt, also known as salt nic, or nicotine salt, is another high-end variant of nicotine available for vaping. Characterized by its ability to deliver a smooth vaping experience at high dosages, nicotine in this form is often considered more suitable to be consumed with Mouth to Lung devices as well as pod systems. It is good to go for high quantity nicotine kicks with the least harshness sensation over the throat.

Getting Familiar With The Measurement Specifications

Manufacturers use either mg/mL (milligrams per milliliters) or percentage values to specify the nicotine strengths that’s contained within an e-liquid bottle. Measurement specifications of mg/mL are more common on vaping e-liquid bottles and give a relatively more straightforward means to calculate the overall nicotine content of the tank, i.e., a 100mL tank with 1.8mg/mL nicotine strength would carry 180 milligrams of nicotine extract in total.

On the other hand, the percentage specifications of nicotine strength, such as 1.8% (or 0.6%), depicting a 1.8% (or 0.6%) of nicotine content in PG/VG base mix by volume and is also termed as Nicotine By Volume form of measurement. 

mg/mL to Percentage Conversion – Understanding the Math

The different means of specifying the nicotine strength measurement by manufacturers at the vape liquid bottles can often be confusing for new buyers. They can make the actual nicotine strength calculations a bit complex. The underlying math behind the conversion is quite easy nevertheless; to convert mg/ml quantity into percentage values, simply divide the mg/ml value by a factor of 10, that is, if your vaping juice bottle specifies 6mg/mL of nicotine strength, then in percentage values, it will be merely 0.6% ( or one-tenth of the specified mg/mL value).

To convert percentage value in mg/mL measurement specifications, simply reverse the above logic and multiply the percentage value specs with a factor of 10, which means 1.2% of nicotine strength would equate to 12mg/mL if specified in terms of percentages. 

Other Factors – Throat Hit, Vapor Production, and Usage Frequency

The levels of nicotine strength that you would usually want in your e-juice also depends on factors like the kind of throat hit you desire and the frequency of vaping within a day. If you have been a cigarette smoker in the past and are planning to shift to vaping, realizing the influence of nicotine strength on certain other factors such as the throat hit and the vapor production while keeping a check on the nicotine consumption based on how and when do you prefer vaping – is it regularly throughout the day or during certain specific times only. The former case requires adding low nicotine content so that the overall quantity consumption is evenly spread throughout. Simultaneously, the latter form of vaping may demand you to add more nicotine to meet the appropriate desired nic dosage.

While e-liquid with freebase nicotine works great for constant nicotine content deliverance when vaping, you might want to prefer salt form if you desire more doses of nicotine.

Considering the vapor production factors, each one has its own sets of pros and cons here in this case. Nic salt offers the best solutions in delivering high-end doses of nicotine with the least impact on the throat and is less harsh. In contrast, the freebase ones can actually be rough in terms of throat sensitivity when being consumed at higher doses. However, when vapor production is concerned, freebase nicotine is preferred over its salt variants as it works better in terms of vapor production. 

Final Words

Determining the right amount of nicotine levels can be difficult, and finding the perfect match can sometimes take a couple of hits and trials with different versions of liquid as well as varying strength. However, the above tips and suggestions can always come in handy in working your way out to find the right e-juice when you are out to shop vape products. While these certainly are not a strict recommendation as one size doesn’t fit all, these tips can still certainly help you navigate to a comfortable and satisfactory vaping experience. 

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