The Benefits of Scents

It is easy to imagine more than one benefit of a beautiful view, or the feel of the softest wool, but what about the benefits when it comes to scent?

The most obvious benefit of scent is that it makes things smell good, but it turns out that scents have plenty of benefits and they are easy to incorporate into everyday life.

This piece will discuss the benefits of scents and how to utilize them!

Scents Can Boost Energy Levels

Interestingly, certain scents have the power to boost energy levels and improve the focus of the mind. Instead of turning to that afternoon snack to get over that well known 3 p.m. slump, why not inhale some citrus scents to revitalize both the mind and body? 

The interesting thing about citrus scent is its ability to improve mood but also reduce levels of stress hormones, allowing for an even balance for the rest of the day, without the sugar crash!

Scents Can Help Aid Digestion

Scents aiding digestion are an impressive process to consider when nothing is being digested! Inhaling certain scents such as ginger, turmeric, and black pepper can all help kickstart the digestive system by signaling to the brain that food could be present. This then triggers a reaction from the gut which gets those digestive juices flowing! 

“Pick a scent that can put a spring in one’s step!”

Scents Can Increase Confidence

Fun fact: It has been scientifically proven that scents can boost confidence

Some of the best scents to increase confidence are ylang-ylang, a tropical flower which has also been used as an aphrodisiac; vanilla, which is one of the most popular scents in the world, especially to men, offering a comforting aura; and jasmine, which has been suggested as a natural anti-depressant and anti-anxiety treatment because of its uplifting qualities.

To try a variety of perfumes with these stunning components, visit for a simple way to find a new favorite perfume that evokes confidence!

“Scents can remind you of an ex-lover, or the answers to exam questions”

Scents Can Improve Memory

Why is it that the smell of suntan lotion can send someone right back to being on holiday, sitting by the pool without a care in the world? It is because scents are the most powerful memory trigger! It is not uncommon for someone to walk by and a whiff of perfume is a reminder of a distant friend or even an ex-lover. 

However, not all experiences have to be nostalgic. Using scent as a tool to evoke memories is a fantastic psychological tool that can be used for revision or memorization of information. Simply pick a scent that is distinctive and has not been used before, and then spray around every time the information that needs to be remembered is being engaged with — for example, every time a revision session begins. Do this several times, and then when it comes to remembering information, spritz on the scent, and watch the memory work its magic!

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