A Guide to the Best Casinos in Pennsylvania

We live in a time where everything is unpredictable. Still, if there’s one thing that can be said with certainty, it’s that land-based casinos in Pennsylvania are resilient enough to make it through these challenging times and have their comeback.

Although online casinos had a massive growth in popularity over the last two years, it’s interesting to see how they will do once the land-band casinos reopen. 

Over the years, we’ve witnessed many challenges that traditional casinos have overcome, adapted, and evolved. So, it’s more likely that they will choose to have a remarkable comeback instead of shutting their doors for good and going into oblivion. 

Undoubtedly, more people gamble online these days, but, in reality, it’s not a fair competition because, right now, traditional casinos don’t have the conditions to show their full potential. 

Regardless, if you want to have the best experience at a traditional casino, the following steps can help you get that:

  1. Checking the reputation 
  2. Reading reviews
  3. Checking gaming and betting options

Thanks to the internet, players can search a potential casino where they want to gamble and see previous guests’ reviews and the casino’s reputation over the years. 

Besides that, it’s essential to look for a casino with the most gaming and betting options to get the best experience possible. 

Finally, land-based casinos are well aware that they must lure back the audience, and the best way they can do that is by upgrading their facility to look as luxurious as possible. That’s the most significant advantage they have over online casinos. 

Types of Casinos in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to 13 land-based casinos which offer all kinds of table games, slots, horse racing, poker, and as of 2018, sports betting. With that being said, players will have no trouble picking a casino to fulfill their wishes and expectations. 

The casino industry in Pennsylvania has become such a success that it represents the second biggest gambling market in the US, right after Nevada.

Generally, traditional casinos can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Racinos
  2. Standalone casinos
  3. Resort casinos

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has the right to grant up to 25 licenses. And, currently, in PA, there are six racinos, five stand-alone casinos, and two resort casinos.

#1 Parx Casino

The term “racinos” refers to venues that have both regular casino games and horse track betting. This type of casino can have a track where people can watch and wager on horses, and they can not hold up more than five thousand machines. 

One of the most popular racinos in PA that consistently outperform its competition is Parx casino. The place has over three thousand slot machines, over one hundred live table games, and a 48-table poker room. 

The game options available in Parx casino are table games, poker, slots, horse racing, and stadium gaming. If you decide to gamble to win some money, keep in mind that casinos will not solve your financial problems or debts. 

Due to high interest among players in sports betting, the sportsbook opened in 2019. The venue is luxurious and spacious with a full-service bar, eighteen kiosks, and seating for over two hundred people. 

#2 SugarHouse Casino

SugarHouse Casino is one of the most famous casinos in Pennsylvania. Interestingly, the stand-alone casino PA law requires two out of five standalone casinos to be in Philadelphia and one to be situated in Pittsburgh

This particular casino received its license in 2006 but officially opened its doors in 2010. As of 2019, SugarHouse Casino changed its name to Rivers Philadelphia. 

As far as the game options, all stand-alone casinos can have the same number of games and slots as racinos. Sugar House, a.k.a Rivers Philadelphia, has over 1500 slot machines and 54 table games, along with an event center and dining outlets. 

Apart from the re-branding, SugarHouse Casino also debuted its sportsbook with a full-service bar and seating for over 100 guests.  

Finally, gambling at this luxurious venue can definitely add to the quality of players’ experience

#3 Valley Forge Casino Resort

Valley Forge Resort falls into the third and final category of casinos in PA, which is resort casinos. Staying at this resort will make your gambling experience unforgettable, and if you’re planning on traveling to Pennsylvania, make sure to put this resort on your must-visit list.  

Valley Forge Casino Resort has 50 table games and over 800 slot machines. This casino debuted its sportsbook “FanDuel”  in early 2019. FanDuel spans 1800 square feet, and it features plenty of slots, table games, bars, and TVs.