Are erection difficulties getting more common in young men?

Are erection difficulties getting more common in young men copy

The men having trouble with erections are not able to get and maintain an erection during intercourse. Some of the men suffering from erectile dysfunction are not able to achieve an erection at all while others get it for a considerably shorter time than the average. Although this condition is more common in older men but it is surprisingly found to be a common sexual ailment in young men too. 

Research evidence

A research study which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2013 showed that impotence is much common among youngsters that it was earlier thought. One of the researches suggested that has already affected 26% of men who are under the age group of 40. Around half of them suffered from severe ED in comparison to just around 40% of older men suffering from the severe condition of impotence. Also, it has been found that young men with erectile issues are more likely to smoke and utilize illicit drugs in comparison to older men. Earlier ED was thought to be an issue common in older men but it has already affected a considerable proportion of youngsters as well. At times, it can actually be very embarrassing and also frustrating for men to admit that they are suffering from this condition. However, still, some of the younger men under the age group of 40 admit that they are suffering from this condition.

While findings above may seem intuitive but it has been suggested that the way men manage the stress, anxiety and sexual performance plays a crucial role in reducing the influence of this sexual dysfunction.


The sexual arousal in men is actually a complicated procedure which has the involvement of brain, hormones, nervous system, blood vessels along with the emotions. The erectile dysfunction arises when there is a problem in one of these mechanisms. In young men, stress, anxiety and some other mental health concerns are found to be the most common causes. Some of the physical causes of this ailment are hypertension, cardiac diseases, diabetes, obesity, sleep disorders. Since the brain plays the most crucial role in triggering the events which lead to penile erections, thus stress, depression or anxieties are few of the mental conditions which actually worsen the impotence. There have been found quite noticeable differences in the causes of ED among youngsters in comparison to older men. In one of the research study, it was reported that men who were 40 below and experiencing ED are more likely to smoke cigarettes and use drugs.


The good thing is that this condition is treatable. The treatment for this particular syndrome has already improved over the years. The vast majority of men can look forward to achieve normal sexual health just after the right advice and treatment or both. In fact, many of the men have communicated that this specialised treatment has already transformed their lives. This particular sexual condition is being treated in varied ways depending upon its underlying cause

  • Counselling

The counselling from an expert assists the patient in dealing with stress or performance anxiety and it can actually be combined with medications for treating this particular condition on a short term basis.

  • Healthy lifestyle

The condition of obesity, smoking along with sedentary lifestyle narrows the blood vessels and this can actually serve as one of the underlying cause of ED. So men should resort to weight loss, Eat healthy food, quit smoking and get into the fitness regimen to overcome this issue. The young men who are drinking heavily or consuming illicit drugs will find that quitting these help them in recovering from this condition.

  • Medicines

There are orally prescription drugs under the brand name of Viagra, Cialis along with Levitra and Spedra which are being utilized commonly for treating the condition of impotence. All these oral medications roughly work in the same manner. It carries out the dilation of arteries thereby increasing the rate of blood flow towards penis. Supplements like VigRX Plus fills the erectile tissues of the penis with blood thereby resulting in the achievement and maintenance of erection for long.

  • Physical procedures

Two of the main physical processes which are utilized for the treatment of erectile issues are vacuum pumps and also constriction rings. The vacuum pump is being placed over the penis and then air is being pumped through the cylinder gently causing the penis to become erect. There are also constriction rings which have actually been placed towards the base of the penis. It traps the blood and keeps the penis hard for a considerable period of time.


Although erectile dysfunction is quite an embarrassing issue to talk about especially for young men. However, one should bear this thing in mind that it is affecting millions of other men too. The good thing is that there are many specialized treatment procedures which are available. The men belonging to the younger generation actually have a good chance of reversing the condition of impotence. This can actually be achieved through the alteration in lifestyle and improving overall health and taking the most appropriate treatment for this condition. It is not difficult for young men to just go back and experience their normal sex life by taking the advice of the specialist and most appropriate treatment. It may not be something which you would feel comfortable in discussing with people around but make sure that you get the most appropriate medical advice.