Five Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom is a Myth


In the world of meth addiction, hitting rock bottom is a very well-known phrase that is often heard. However, not all the things you hear about it are true. When it comes to meth addiction treatment, usually people believe they will only accept help after they hit the lowest point of their addiction.

Here are the five most common myths about hitting rock bottom:

Myth# 1: Everyone is ready to start addiction treatment once they hit rock bottom. 

The common belief of people in addiction is that they continue their downward spiral until there is nothing left for them. With addiction, people may end up in a financial loss, no work, no family or friends, or they may end up in jail. 

When they reach this point, that’s the only time they would think that they need to seek a meth abuse treatment. However, in reality, only a few drug users would volunteer to begin a meth addiction treatment.

Fear is found to be the main barrier to seeking treatment for addiction. People fear what they would feel when they stop taking meth or the consequences of their meth addiction as a whole. The moment they conquered this fear, they will be ready to start their drug recovery program.

Myth# 2: People need to hit rock bottom to be sober.

Another myth that is associated with starting addiction treatment is that people need to volunteer for treatment to succeed. They also believe that for them to submit to rehab, they need to hit rock bottom first.

Hitting rock bottom is not the indication to begin treatment for meth abuse. If people would think like this, the damage of addiction can be debilitating. Meth is a powerful drug that damages many organs in the body, as well as the mental state.

Myth# 3: Rock bottom is the same for everyone.

Rock bottom means different things for different people. It could be a job loss for someone and a failed marriage for another. Hitting rock bottom is the lowest point for someone that they feel so much uncomfortable with it that they seek to start a change such as entering an addiction treatment facility.

Myth# 4: There’s no recovery after hitting rock bottom.

Another common misconception that is tied with hitting the rock bottom is that if people let the circumstance pass without seeking treatment for meth addiction, their hope is totally gone. 

There is some truth about this myth because there are people who never see the light of the day to start a meth addiction treatment. However, some easily see the changes in their life that they immediately begin to make a change. 

Myth# 5: When you hit rock bottom, don’t worry about relapse.

Surpassing the rock bottom in their lives doesn’t guarantee that they will not face another rock bottom in their lives. Many people who completed a methamphetamine addiction treatment ended up relapsing.

If people are not protective of their sobriety, their recovery goals could vanish immediately. Recovering individuals face continued exposure to triggers, and without applying the right coping skills, they could meet the rock bottom again and again. Even they enter a meth addiction treatment, again and again, there’s no guarantee that they are safe not to experience the rock bottom.

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