Global Manufacturing And Industrialization Summit To Launch In Pittsburgh By 2021

The Global Manufacturing And Industrialization Summit gathered nearly 100 global industry leaders to speak at their 2020 virtual event, according to their official site. The participation numbers are a sign that the impetus for radical changes in manufacturing is more apparent than ever. More than that, there’s also a push for the industry sector to be more aware of social and mental health issues within the workplace. They aim to address all of that and more in their introduction of “Society 5.0.”

This concept seeks to renew what traditional industrialism stood for and retool it to be more conducive to fixing the social issues surrounding it. To test out specific factors of what the concept entails, they chose Pittsburgh for its strong and vibrant industrial sector.

Industry 4.0 And Society 5.0

GMIS Organizing Committee Head, Badr Al-Olama, has high esteem for the city of Pittsburgh. He expressed praise for the city’s dedication to keeping its industrial heritage alive. He also lauded its success in making itself one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing centers in the US. Al-Olama considered it an honor for such an industrially developed city to organize their event. 

The event’s primary activity will be a discussion of how GMIS’s “Industry 4.0” model will synergize with its “Society 5.0” model. Meanwhile, Industry 4.0 entails using several new technologies, such as nano assembly and AI. In theory, this will make manufacturing 10x faster and 100 times more productive. This will feed into Society 5.0, which is a blueprint for how industry and tech could respond to social issues

Progress Through Social Consciousness 

GMIS believes that spreading the message of their latest concepts will smooth out the industrial process. That will thus pave the way for smoother and more consistent technological progress. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they say, has been a primary motivator for them to arrange more of these events. 

We are already seeing a paradigm shift in how industry and commerce operate in response to current social issues. Business owners are investing more in virtual stores and direct-to-consumer logistics. There is a far greater demand than ever before for industrial real estate. The same is also true for industrial equipment such as forklifts and miscellaneous logistics supplies like solid skid steer tires. This is due to the pressing demands for more manufacturing facilities and warehouses. 

The Future Of GMIS’ Relationship With Pittsburgh

Historically known as a city of metalworks, Pittsburgh was nicknamed “the Steel City.” Steel and iron mills built up the backbone of its economy. That was until 30 years ago when tech began to rise in complexity and accessibility. Now, Pittsburgh is also home to tech companies developing AI, cybersecurity, and robotics manufacturing.

Badr Al-Olama sees GMIS America cementing Pittsburgh as a hub for advanced manufacturing worldwide. Innovations in the industrial sector will be tested and perfected here. These will be excellent examples for countries looking to accelerate their manufacturing capacity. 

Pittsburgh has both experience and potential in manufacturing. This is thanks to its industrial past and bright future in tech. With these qualifications, Pittsburgh could spearhead a global advanced industrialization drive for decades to come.   

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