Is shaving your man the new foreplay?

Foreplay is always needed. Whether it’s kissing or something more kink-based, any sexual activity before sex triggers physiological and physical responses to help the magic happen. Now, let’s not get all hot and bothered by the conversation of fetishes – you like what you like. One fetish becoming increasingly popular is a hairy one to approach. The conversation about what you do with your body hair will forever be the hottest topic. We’ve gone from full bush to being as smooth as possible, and the circle continues. Whether you like hair or not, a large following is gaining real pleasure from shaving the pubic hair of their sexual partner. 

Dirty Minds Media, an adult entertainment website, specialises in fetishes. They have seen the rise in new kinks and want to subvert the stigma that surrounds enjoying your fantasies. They are experts, so with their help they want to educate you on what a shaving fetish is. 

What’s the kink all about?

Trichophilia or more commonly known as a hair fetish isn’t new, however, haircut fetishism is becoming increasingly popular among many communities. The act of this kink is to gain sexual pleasure while having your own hair cut, watching others having a trim or even shaving someone yourself – it doesn’t just involve hair on your head, it could be anything from armpit hair to pubes. While it can be a fetish in itself, it can also be part of BDSM play. Masters like to shave their submissive – by putting them in a role of submission and exposure.

Why does it appeal to so many people?

The act of removing your partner’s hair can come in a variety of forms from shaving heads, faces, armpits, legs and pubic areas. For sexual foreplay the act is usually performed as a wet shave, of course, there are other methods but normally it’s a sensual experience. Genital shaving associates itself with a part of S&M roleplay too – about (tying up) and shaving the submissive. Shaving genitals is reported as an adrenalin rush for both parties involved, mainly because a sharp object is so close to sexual organs. It’s somewhat of a risk, which creates a bigger thrill. Your sexual partner is giving you all their trust to shave their most sensitive and private area, therefore this trust and dominance heightens your senses and releases a number of endorphins – making couples more sexually compatible. 

Advice about your shaving fetish

Embrace your fetish! This is going to be an extremely sensual experience for both parties, your partner (or you) are going to be exploring your body. The build-up will provide you with such excitement that it would most likely intensify your sexual connection. The experts at Dirty Minds Media, know kinks can sometimes be embarrassing to discuss, so here are some tips. Communication is key, so the first step is to talk, discuss what it is about shaving someone else that turns you on – going in with the facts and honest details will put you both at ease. Try and watch videos together beforehand so you both know what to expect, it might be the first time for both of you. Finally, be emotional –explain that this comes from of a place of trust, whereby you might feel open to judgement. Finally, be understanding of how the other person might feel about this topic, it’s not always easy to be so honest.