Marriage Between Transsexual Males and Finding a Date with Trannys through Dating Websites

In our life, we always want someone to be there for us. It is a fact of our human nature: We rely on each other for survival. According to the old adage, no man is an island. We are social creatures; we seek out other people to create connections and relationships. Our society today is founded from those very connections. There are a lot of studies that say relationships are weaker these days because of our reliance on the internet and technology. We don’t really agree with this as we believe that technology just made our relationships more complex, not weaker. This is rather true with the prevalence of online dating these days. Read more about this by clicking here

Online dating is just like regular dating: you meet and discuss what you like and dislike. If you like each other, then you move on to the next stage. However, one of its major differences from the classic dating process is the location: most of it happens online. The prevalence of social media has been one of the reasons why online dating is so popular. It is rather easy to just sit there and relax, look at profiles and see the one that you want to chat. If you’re really up to it, then you can meet in real life. There are some risks associated with meeting someone you just met online which is why online dating sites exist. 

However, most of the dating sites before were only for straight men and women. The LGBTQA+ community was never involved. In fact, some of these sites even outright banned the profiles of the members of the LGBTQA+ community. Now, in 2019, it is so much better but there is always room for improvement. The gay men have established sites like Grindr and Scruff to help them find their gay love online. Lesbians also have HER for their own community. Bisexuals can go anywhere to almost anywhere they want to be although discrimination can still exist. Transgenders, on the other hand, may have a bit more limited options. You can check out these trans dating sites if you want to join. 

If you are transgender, you know the hardship of finding someone to date. It is true for all sexual orientations (yes, even for straight people) that dating can be complicated and difficult. For transsexuals and transgenders like you, the main issue is the perception that you are a “trap”. Traps are the ones who pass off as biologically male or female where in fact they are not. This is an ongoing meme in the various internet communities, whether it is all in good fun or already being outright hateful.

This is still a debate whether a transgender should always be upfront about their status, but one thing is for sure: If you love someone their orientation does not matter. You are both in a relationship for a reason. If it is only physical need, this needs to be clear with both parties. 

Dating a transgender, on the other hand, can also have other issues. Most people who are not transgender but dates one can be a subject of discrimination as well. Don’t let that stop you though: if you love the person, your relationship with each other matters. Love each other and forget all the haters. As long as you have a healthy and productive relationship, then there is nothing wrong with you. Love is love, there should be no if’s and but’s. 

Now, if you are someone who wants to meet transgender people or is currently dating a transman or woman, here are some tips that we want to share with you:

1. Learn More About Transgenderism By Reading About It Yourself

Look, anyone who wants to date anybody will have to do research. Even straight people do it, and they are already a majority. So if you are going to date someone who is transgender, make sure you know about it. Nobody wants to do a Ted Talk about transgenderism in the middle of the date (unless you like that), so you have to read it yourself. You may want to know the basic terms and familiarize yourself with the LGBTQA+ community as a whole. This may sound a bit boring, but your date will appreciate it if he/she/they/zey if you will not ask about the “dirty bits” over your salad. Speaking of which…

2. Pronouns Are Important

If you are straight or an uninformed part of the community, ask if they have a pronoun preference. Now, this is one of the more controversial topics in today’s discussions about sexuality but respect should always be responded respect. If you do not like that you have to conform to the pronouns then be honest about it. Don’t be too harsh; just say it honestly and sincerely. However, if you really like the person, then the pronoun choices are not really an issue, are they? You just have to work it out with your partner. Learn more about this here:

3. You May Face Discrimination Because Of Who You Date

This is a sad but true statement if you want to be a part of the LGBTQA+ community: you also have to live with the discrimination. Even if we are already in 2019 and everybody should be accepted for who they are, some people can be just plain hateful sometimes. They just want to “cleanse” the world of the so-called impurities and you are now a part of it. Too bad, as the LGBTQA+ community will continue to live on and throw glitter and shade at the haters. Love will always be love, and dating (maybe marrying) a transgender is not a bad thing. 

4. Respect Is The Bottom Line

When dating, you should always have respect for one another. It really applies to any kind of relationship but it is sad that it should always be stressed out. Especially in transgender relationships, most of the transgenders are very sensitive about their bodies. Make sure that he/she/they/zey is as comfortable as you are when both of you are together. Dating is the start of a relationship, so it should be a good experience for the two of you.

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