Omega Celebrates Apollo 11 Anniversary with the New Speedmaster Range

The first ever watch that was ever worn by a man on the moon was an Omega watch in the year 1969 and the man on the moon was none other than Neil Armstrong.  It is one of the most luxurious brands of watches. Omega recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission this year. Not only celebrated the grand anniversary with extreme authenticity but also launched the most renowned and fame Omega Speedmasters Limited Edition. The Speedmaster had become the ‘pilot’s choice’. Omega had been known for the one and the only supplier for NASA’s Human Space Flight Program and an engineer from the NASA had qualified the Omega watches for the astronauts. Since Omega is known to have a good connection with the astronauts for 50 years and these limited editions were in the honor of them. 

Here are the special and unique special editions of Omega Speedmaster’ Moonshine watches:  

1. Omega Speedmaster’ Moonshine Gold. 

It is a gold cased limited edition watch that is more special than the others because they were awarded to the NASA astronauts by the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. The real watches were gifted to the astronauts, politicians, President of US and the owners of different watch brands back in the year of 1969. The limited edition watch case has 18k yellow gold and slight burgundy bezels. The dial is made up of solid gold with black chronograph hands. The subdial tracks the complete rotation is one minute and that is one of the finest features this watch is gifted with.  In the top, Omega’s old logo is created. The strap also is of solid gold. It has a transparent back case, which is basically made of sapphire and helps you to see the movement inside of the watch. The back is moonshine gold plated and when it is opened, it shows two fascinating pieces; the first one has golden earth, blue America and the second one has an image of the earth and the moon. In short, the second piece represents the exact proportion of the moon and the earth. This chronographic dial can read the speed of kilometers per hour which is based on the 1000 meters distance. 

It is said that Moonshine gold has been recreated to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. When the watch was worn, it was said that the watch on hand felt warm, heavy and a vintage feeling which of course means that the new edition of moonshine gold has not failed the original model. 

This amazing watch does not only comes with a case you see regularly, but it is a special box that has a NATO strap, a strap for astronauts, a tool in case if you want to change the strap and a book with all the exciting episodes of the speed master. 

2. Omega Speedmaster Black Moonshine Gold

In the 50th anniversary, Omega Speedmaster Moonwatchlaunched another watch, Black Moonshine Gold. Black Moonshine Gold has a co-axial escapement and is magnetic field resistant after 4 years of continuous research and process. The specialists took 4 whole years to develop all the additional details in order to achieve the Master Chronometer Certification. Though the main functions found in this watch are hours, minutes, seconds and chronograph. The dial is grey in color and the sub dials for the chronograph minutes are black in color. There is a laser imprinted picture of Buzz Aldrin. This picture is remembered as Buzz’s landing on the moon which was obviously both happiness and a surprise for NASA. The laser imprint along with the bezel was made up by the 18k moonshine gold.  But for the newer version, the imprint has been changed from moonshine gold to yellow gold for longer and better stability. The tachymeter scale is made with ceragold and the strap is made up of stainless steel. Black moonshine gold has also been recreated for the tribute to the successful moon landing in the year 1969. Surprisingly, the imprint of the moon has the steps Neil Armstrong with his quotes that were transmitted to the earth from the moon- ‘’That’s one small step for a man- One giant leap for mankind.’’ 

Every watch in this series comes in a box that also has a Velcro strap with black coated cork. Two imprinted plates with the landing details and one strap changing tool will be found. This is known as the Lunar Module Display Stand. 

These lunar watches had a few thousands of editions, and we are glad we were lucky enough to experience this with the lunar world via Omega Watches.