Three common PPC mistakes of Real Estate Investors


It’s unfair to assume real estate investors to know PPC and online marketing to perfection. Having a website doesn’t suggest that they know how to leverage PPC. Most real estate investors could use ample guidance here from expert PPC service providers. 

Today, there are many online articles on real estate investor PPC tips that you can read and make the most of it. The three common mistakes that real estate investors make are as follows:

1. Not using the business name to bid

Your best-converting keyword is perhaps your business name! And with all the content marketing, on-page SEO as well as local citations, it would have been great if that name wasn’t the useful keyword. One of the biggest PPC mistakes that real estate investors make is they think they don’t require the business name to bid. It is not true. Most often than not other market players will target your brand name. They will try in several ways to take away your business traffic. And when that happens, you need to take the necessary action. And you should start using your business name to bid. 

2. Striving to get the number one position

Similar to SEO, there’s no need to get obsessed with the number one place in PPC. Simply put, when it comes to PPC, the number one place is usually a costly place and often not the highest converting one. A huge mistake that real estate investors generally make here is going out of their way to dominating this position in the Google search outcome.

Also, the number one place doesn’t guarantee high-quality clicks. Sometimes, the clicks generating from number one paid outcomes is a result of the searchers who typed an incorrect keyword. They also must have clicked the very first search outcome that they saw. It’s a mistake as real estate investors’ end up paying extra for the same position. It’s a loss to derive clicks from users who are not interested in your real estate deal. It robs you of your money. 

3. The problem of broad bidding

There are some prominent keywords that are important to a real estate investor. Some of the keywords that you might be using are:

  • Sell your home for cash
  • We purchase houses
  • Sell your home fast

All these keywords aren’t necessarily bad. However, it is not a smart call spending excess money and time bidding on broad keywords. It might result in conflicts with other real estate investors as well. Before you realize you will shell out excess cash on the keyword zone.  

Are you wondering what could be the way out from this? It’s simple! Focus on the “long tail keywords.” And these are other specific search words that your audience will type online. Do you want to know the long-tail keyword you must bank on? If yes, then check the website statistics and see the keyword variations your audience used the most, to locate your real estate investing company.

There are other mistakes too that real estate investors make in SEO and PPC. Start by staying away from these three to ensure your real estate investment firm is making wise choices.