What are the latest trends for Bride and Groom outfits for a Beach Wedding?


Weddings are a time to look your best. Figuring out what to wear for your own wedding can be overwhelming. You want to look much better than you usually do on a day-to-day basis, but you also want to make sure you stay true to your style. A beach wedding might not be as formal of an affair as a wedding in a venue, but it is still an opportunity to dress up. All eyes are on the bride and groom so couples need to think carefully of what can make them stand out but also be comfortable to wear at the beach ceremony.  Here are some things to keep in mind when picking out your outfit for your special day:

  • Color – Incorporating color into your outfits is a great way to tie into your color theme and also brighten up a more formal outfit. Brides can think about adding a colorful ribbon sash or wear some eye catching jewelry with colored stones instead of jewelry with diamonds or pearls. Grooms can accent their formal suits with a colorful tie or pocket square. Black suits can often feel too formal for a beach wedding and can also feel too hot to wear outside. Instead, consider neutral toned suits or even a navy suit. These colors read less formal but still dressed up. These colors are also much lighter so you are able to stay cooler throughout the whole day.
  • Fabrics – Choosing the right fabric is a big factor for a comfortable wedding day outfit. For brides sticking to lighter fabrics such as chiffon is perfect for that bohemian beachy look. Fabrics such as silk or taffeta are heavy and can feel too hot in the heat by the beach. The same idea of sticking to lighter fabrics should be applied to the groom’s outfit as well. Find dressier shirts or suits that are made from linen or cotton to keep things fresh and light. These fabrics also turn formal suits into much more beach friendly versions.
  • Casual vs. Formal – Another major factor into choosing your beach wedding outfit is the type of wedding you are having. Most beach wedding ceremonies tend to lean on the casual. However, some ceremonies might take place at the beach but then carry over to a venue for the reception. Try planning an outfit that can easily transition from casual to formal setting. This can be done by simply adding accessories that dress up your look. Brides can reserve their more extravagant diamond jewelry for their reception look. Grooms can add some cufflinks that create a more sophisticated look. Another simple way to dress up a more casual wedding look is to choose the right pair of shoes. A more formal looking shoe can instantly lift an outfit. So, if you are going barefoot on the sand for the ceremony, you should pack a pair of satin heels or a nice pair of leather oxfords to wear to the reception.
  • Outfit changes– Of course instead of choosing one outfit to transition from casual to formal, you can instead have two outfits. This is a growing trend among couples who want to have several looks for their wedding. Most couples might have an outfit they wear to their ceremony and then change for their reception. This is a great option for a beach wedding that has a separate location for the reception.

Planning outfits for a beach wedding can be difficult for brides and grooms. Picking out the right colors, fabrics, and maintaining options is crucial for looking your best but also looking fresh and staying cool.