Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture Set

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A good set of patio furniture adds function as well as comfort to outdoor spaces. You can transform a basic space into an alfresco dining location with comfortable seats and a suitably large table. You can also outfit the porch with a wicker sofa or even a simple rocking chair, making it another family room when the weather becomes hot.

Complementing outdoor spaces with befitting patio furniture sets will always beckon you outdoors, even if the space is small like a pocket garden and balcony. Use the tips below to choose a good set of furniture for outdoor moments. Thoughtful planning ensures that your backyard becomes your new fav spot for entertaining, lounging, and dining.

1. Clarify Your Outdoor Furniture Needs

Before you start shopping, you need to be sure of the items that will make your space functional. Will you use it as a dining space on warm nights? Will you host dinner parties or birthdays in it? Or will it be a reading nook attached to an outdoor room?

Listing the events and activities that will likely be taking place in the arena will guide you as you try to determine the type of furniture that is necessary. For instance, if your patio is a 12 by 16-foot type and you plan to host informal cocktails one some evenings, then you do not need to get a dining table. Some side tables, one or more fire pits, and enough comfortable seating will be more appropriate. 

2. Test the Seating before Purchasing

Before you purchase sofas or chairs, ensure you try out the seat. You will likely use them very often, especially on those lovely warm days. Therefore, make sure they are comfortable. If your patio has uninviting furniture, your guests won’t enjoy staying there.

For utmost comfort, ensure the back of the chairs and seats have plush cushions. If they are wooden or metal, ensure they have fluffy pillows. Also, ensure that it has fabrics that are resistant to weather to avoid the growth of mildew or color-fading. You may want to read this article to know how to choose fabric for outdoor upholstery.

3. Choose Furniture You Can Easily Care for 

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It is important to reserve most of your outdoor hours for relaxing on your patio instead of maintaining the seating. Consider furniture that you can easily care for to reduce the time spent on upkeep. For example, cedar, teak, metal, and wicker pieces that are all-weather accept a lot of abuse from nature.

Such all-weather pieces require a little regular cleaning to look new year-round. You can add accessories like cushions and pillows with covers that you can easily remove and toss into your washing machine.

4. Get Storage for the Furniture

If you want to elongate the lifespan of your furniture, store it during off-season periods. A shed, garage, or basement can help to shield it from unnecessary exposure to the elements. Even furniture made from the likes of wrought-iron or teak will stay for many more years if you store them when they are not in use.

Should your storage space be limited, look for foldable furniture or the type that you can easily detach its parts. Stackable chairs are helpful in maximizing storage space during off-season periods. 

5. Match the Colors to Suit Your Exterior Décor 

When getting furniture for your patio, do not limit yourself to natural wood tones or neutral colors. Metal, wicker, and wood pieces now have various colorful finishes. You can choose pieces that complement the colors in your landscape, the property’s exterior, or any of the other décor in the outdoor space.

If you do not get a suitable color, a simple paint job will add any hue of your choosing to perk up the furniture. You can use bolder hues to achieve a durable color on accent pieces as well as cushions. These items are not used regularly, so they will experience less wear. They are also inexpensive to replace. You may want to check out for outdoor furniture ideas.

6. Go for Quality 

When it comes to patio sets, you actually pay for what you are getting. For instance, chairs and side tables made of plastic may look good in the shop and maintain that look for 1 or 2 years in your yard. However, after a while, they become brittle, and all the vibrant colors will vanish gradually. This also happens to a number of wood products and wicker pieces.

When shopping, take time to check for consumer reports and third-party reviews before spending your hard-earned money. If you have a budget, you can start by buying those items that you will use more often, like a dining table and chairs. You can also save on little accessories like accent tables and pillows.


During the summer, we spend more time on the patio with friends, family members, or just our favorite book and a drink. The outdoor space also serves as an extra living room during such periods, hence, its importance. It is, therefore, necessary to get the right set of tables, chairs, and accessories for the space.

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