Himalayan Pink Salt- Few Health Benefits And Considerations To Know


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Pink salt or Himalayan Pink Salt is a rock salt that is extracted from Pakistan’s Punjab region, nearer to the Himalayas foothills. Many people are describing Himalayan Pink Salt as 100% purest salt that is available. Also, they say that it is very much useful at boosting health benefits.

Introduction to Pink Himalayan Salt-

Himalayan Pink Salt is chemically alike to the ordinary salt. This salt is containing to 84-98% of sodium chloride. The remaining of the salt is containing trace minerals, like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Thus it gives the salt a link pink color. Also, these minerals explain why this salt tastes different from the ordinary table salt.

How is this salt used?

Users make use of Himalayan Pink Salt and ordinary salt in the same manner. They use it as a part of cooking food to season meals and also for preserving the food. Often the block of pink salt becomes useful for cutting boards, serving dishes and cooking surfaces. Some people use this salt in place of bath salt. Also, it is possible to get the candleholders and lamps made up of pink salt.

Why our body requires consuming salt?

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Sodium is one of the most important trace minerals found in the salt. The body requires this for the ranges of functions. Salt can support in preventing low blood pressures, for contracting and relaxing the muscles, sending nervous system impulses and also for maintaining the proper fluid balance and preventing dehydration.

According to the research conducted recently, it was discovered that eating the salt can eliminate easily the risks of infections and also it can result in killing the harmful bacteria. Also, the studies conducted have allowed the researchers that salt have positive effects on depression symptoms.


There are many claims linking to the health benefits are connected with the consumption of Himalayan Pink Salt. It is including-

  • Aid to the hydration- Mostly assumes that adding a pinch of salt in your drinks or meals can be a lot useful in achieving the most favorable fluid balance and also results in avoiding dehydration. Also, it is true that sodium is essential for the purpose of maintaining the fluid balance in a proper manner.
  • Lower sodium- There is some who thinks that Himalayan Pink Salt is lower in the sodium content than the ordinary salt. However, both of them are consisting of sodium chloride to 98%. As pink salts are having big sized crystals when compared to the normal salt, it is containing less sodium per spoon. Also, it is having saltier taste in comparison to ordinary salt. It means that an individual can make use of less salt when serving for achieving alike taste. Also, the pink salt is available in small-sized granules that closely resemble the ordinary salt. One can consider it when seasoning the food as well as measuring the intake of sodium.
  • Rich mineral content- many sources are saying that Himalayan Pink Salt is containing many trace minerals. As it is containing to 98% of sodium chloride, it means that about 2% is made of trace minerals. Given comparatively the limited quantities in which people usually consume salt and the small measure of these minerals, they are improbable to provide quantifiable health advantages.
  • A complete natural salt- There are people claiming that pink salt is greatly natural as compared to the table salt. The claim is also appearing having greater merits. The table salt is greatly refined and is mixed with the anti-caking agents like magnesium carbonate and sodium aluminosilicate and which thus prevent clumping.

Few concerns to note when in taking the pink salt-

Sodium intake-

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Though sodium is essential for preserving life, also it is very much important for one to examine the consuming of any sort of salt. While sodium is essential in small proportions but too much could cause a false impact on one’s health. Those with the problems related to heart, kidney or liver or the people that are on sodium redistricted diet must compulsorily do the monitoring of the intake of sodium and must limit the use of salt, not forgetting Himalayan Pink Salt. In addition to that people in a good health condition must do the monitoring of the intake of sodium.

Iodine eating-

Iodine is the mineral that our body always requires. This is for the purpose of maintaining thyroid function properly and also the cell metabolisms. The greater sources of iodine are eggs, dairy products, fish, sea vegetables, etc. Using Iodized salt is also another familiar source of trace minerals. Himalayan Pink Salt is naturally containing iodine; it is more likely to contain less iodine when compared to the iodized one. Thus for those facing deficiency relating to iodine can satisfy it by consuming pink salt.

Excessive of sodium-

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Those people that are facing the troubles with high blood pressure must limit the intake of sodium to 1500mg per day. You can talk to the dietitian for determining the dietary changes that can be designed for off-putting the eating of sodium. Salt is containing sodium of just 40%. When being worried about in taking of the sodium, it can be useful to know about the total amount of sodium is present in the salt.

When people are taking sodium than they actually need, their kidney tries removing excess all the way through urine. However, if the kidney doesn’t remove adequate sodium, it starts on building up fluid between cells (interstitial fluid). Further, it causes the volume of water and blood to increase, adding greater strain on both blood vessels and also on the heart.

Many serious health problems are linked to the in taking of sodium in excessive amounts. It is including kidney diseases, high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke, liver damages, and osteoporosis.

Additionally in the taking of too much salt can result in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and also psoriasis.  


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