The Absolute WORST Christmas Candy, Ranked

Be careful when you ask someone what the worst Christmas candy is. Strong opinions will flow. It fascinates me that asking people what their favorite [whatever thing] does not elicit nearly the amount of passion as asking someone what the worst is. I should have been a psychology major.

When we asked our customers to give a couple optional words to explain their choice for the worst… Whoa, did the floodgates open. It’s like they have been waiting for an outlet for their bad candy juju to flow. Letting them get it out actually felt like a positive exercise (exorcise?). If you guys are reading this, I hope you felt a great weight lifted. And thank you for your replies.

And that is how we came to rank the worst Christmas candy. While doing a larger survey, we tacked this on as a final – again, optional – question, hoping to get something out of it. Over 13,000 customers responded.

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